Christopher Morales: One of my favorite YouTubers, and there's a story...
Check it out, Q/A: Crazy Vegans & Carnivore Claims...

He's recording a video in the woods for the first time!

I love to hear him talking about this topic, in light of his vegan past.

4:24 I love Chris because he really KNOWS his shit, he's done it all re: nutrition and speaks from experience and scientific knowledge.

He's so intelligent and it's just so nice.

9:25 it's so true, he's so right re: pollution.

Now he's basically telling us about the birds and the bees.

3:05 he directly addresses the topic.

I just love how smart he is.

Oh God, I am unreasonably excited about this.

I love the fact that he appears to be wearing a comfy robe in this video.

I'm turnt.

He's got great eyebrows too, I've never noticed them before.

Y'all know I have an eyebrow fetish...

2:58 OMG his IQ is 142...


Arf, arf arf arf arf!!! Arf!!! Arf arf!!! Arf arf arf!!! Arf!!! Arf!!!

*high pitched howling*

God this is fucking wonderful.

I love smart dudes so much...


12:50 LOL, I like this Socrates guy!!!

17:38 it's the duality of existence... there has to be this resistance and friction, otherwise there would be nothing.

0:38 awwwwww my God, he's adorableeeee!!!

6:23 you know it really seems to me that he is very much enjoying these philosophical writings. I think they're really speaking to him.

7:42 awe, I hope he doesn't become unhappy in his career. Hopefully if he does, he'll do the right thing and turn over a new leaf.

I really like this guy, I think he's really great and I'm glad he shares his thoughts with us.

He addresses his little 'steak eating fiasco' I detailed in the original post...


I feel like his mind is opening. I feel like he's starting to think about deeper philosophical and existential issues.

It will be interesting to see him evolve.

Ooo, wow, he's sporting a beard now!!! Even his arms look kinda hairy in this video, I love it!!!

I love hairy dudes, they're so great!!! The hairier, the better!!!

He's so smart. Awwwe, he turned 25, that's adorable!!!


Dude that was CRAZY, holy fuck!!!



Awwwe. This guy is so great.

Wow, how fucked up is it that they don't allow the catholic students to have any facial hair... :(

I guess those catholic schoolmasters like 'em smooth eh? Fuck catholics. Wannabe Christians. Nasty fucking perverts.

5:00 I think a Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly the best. That's the conclusion I came to after the studying I did about the best possible diet for longevity.

I think it's ridiculous people say that he's not consistent. In my opinion he's always been steady as a rock, I haven't seen him waver at all in the several years I've been watching his videos. I don't consider changes in diet to be worth noting as 'inconsistent'... that's just called 'growth' to me.

8:57 amen. Well said.

IT'S A VIDEO ABOUT EATING RAW MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:54 - 2:16 see, this is what I love about his videos.

Sooo scientificy!

Very interesting.

6:46 - 6:56 that's what I've heard.

10:48 brilliant suggestion, that makes a lot of sense.

I've wondered sometimes if eating raw meat would actually benefit me.

Oh wow check it out, it's kind of a vloggy video, this is so cool!!!

1:32 OMG, listen to and look at the dismalness of the city!!!

Check it out, he's up so early it's still dark outside, OMG!!!

Wow, he's actually really good at the vlogging, I'm impressed!!!

2:29 dude he almost kinda looks Amish here!!!

4:07 OMG chocolate pancakes... I've never heard of such a thing!!!

4:48 sugar free syrup? The heck? What's that have in it??

OMG, look at the ingredients, it's terrible!!! Sorbitol?! Aspartame!? OMG no!!!

Why not just use real maple syrup?? It even has health benefits!!!

7:25 that looks good as fuck... tuna pasta salad oh my God. Hell yeah.

OMG look it's a dog. What a cutie, I usually think dogs are just annoying, but it's cute.

8:46 oh my God the spinach looks super good.

I really have to say, I'm very pleased with his selection of meals. Very nice.

He's got excellent taste in food. Very impressive fridge.

God this guy's really got it going on. So damn fucking proud of him I can't even.

0:44 the IT guy typically works with Google/Chrome?? Oh my God, that's WRETCHED. What the fuck is the world COMING TO??????????

5:36 he's right. They won't. There's something that can't be replicated, it's not physical, and it's not programmable.
(12-20-2018, 09:42 PM)Trix Wrote: 0:44 the IT guy typically works with Google/Chrome?? Oh my God, that's WRETCHED. What the fuck is the world COMING TO??????????

The help desk guys at my company actually knew how to repair MacBooks.

But yeah, there are a lot of incurious fucks in IT these days. It's not politically correct to call them script kiddies in the corporate world, but that's what they are.

3:50 sounds like the matrix lattice...


It's all the same from micro to macro.

11:49 great points.

LOL this video JUST uploaded and it already has a dislike on it!!! Remnants of his vegan audience?!

Oh wow, capers!!! I bet capers are sooo good for you. I've always thought they were special.

In the description he mentions that apparently steak tartare is known for its health benefits among those with autoimmune diseases.

I found this:

0:26 he's not a nice package of grass fed ground beef there. I was wondering what type (in what kind of packaging) he'd be using. That kind seems preferable to other less "sealed" kind of packaging you see in the grocery.

I've always heard the quality of meat really matters if you're eating it raw, and of course that makes sense.

0:55 damn this shit is meticulous!!!

1:07 NO SALT AND PEPPER?!?!? Hmm. Would have to be pretty fine grain salt and pepper anyway.

1:40 God I'm so glad he's decided to take one for the team and try out eating raw meat.

2:13 judging by his reaction it can't be too strange or bad.

3:10 he mentions the possible autoimmune disorder benefits.

This is one of my favorite videos he's ever done.

And I truly want to take a step back right now...

And just bask in the GLORY of the fact that when we met Chris, he was strictly vegan.

We've gone from watching him eat a steak, which triggered the shit out of everyone...

To watching him eat beef STRAIGHT UP RAW.

I mean that's amazing...

Say what you will, but at least he's not stagnant in life.

At least he tries things and changes it up and doesn't say "never" to things, and doesn't consider things "forever"...

I don't think there can be optimal true growth in living a strict and hardheaded life.

3:55 you know, he makes an interesting point. It seems like raw meat is very filling... and it's been part of my theory for sometime now that meat, particularly raw, is more filling than any other food. Which is why it makes so much sense to eat it.

4:36 LOL :)

I wonder if people would prefer it cooked if they grew up eating it raw?? Probably not.

6:35 he gives it a rating of 5.5 out of 10, and 6.5 if it had been left out to warm up a little bit beforehand.

7:29 AMEN. Exactly.

9:08 he has a nicely shaped head.

1:13 oh my God these FUCKING SAVAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do they SLEEP AT NIGHT committing these HEINOUS ATROCITIES?!??????????????????

1:55 honestly so super jealous of all these meals, this guy eats GOOD. Damn! It all looks AMAZING.

2:21 LOL I thought that said "MAGA"... I was like fuck yeah!!!

This "study" was an obvious propaganda piece...

Especially coming from the UK, the pioneers of western destruction...

Of course they want to encourage people to be single parents with children who will grow up to be defunct adults.


"Permanent Sterilization: UK's hottest new trend among young people"

He's right. God I love smart people.


Excellent video.

I think that even babies conceived out of rape should be saved.

All abortion must cease.

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