Christopher Morales: One of my favorite YouTubers, and there's a story...
So this guy...


Back a few years ago, he was 'one of those' vegans.

He's always made these super 'sciencey' videos about all kinds of crap I don't even understand...

But for some reason I could just listen to it all day, I really could.

He used to make a bunch of videos from his kitchen. And he used to talk about how he sleeps on the floor and wears shorts during the brisk northeast USA winter.

I always thought he was total psycho material.

Then he kinda lost his shit...

He made a video where he COOKED A STEAK and ATE IT ON CAMERA in front of his mostly vegan audience.

People were shocked. 

Not too long after that, he deleted his channel which had thousands of subs, nothing to shake a stick at. Deleting the channel was a total shame because he had a shitload of videos that were pretty long, and they were all totally informative 'sciencey' stuff. He really let his ego get the best of him by deleting the channel.

But I think people were starting to troll him a lot, including myself, even though I've always genuinely liked the guy. He does little stuff like for example, he says "go and" A LOT. Like just listen to the video for 30 seconds, you'll hear him say it at least twice. So I used to troll him in the comments with that one.


It was pretty sad when he deleted the channel. But I think everyone knew he'd be back. Sad part was, not a lot of people actually knew his name (which he uses as a channel name now), so it's likely only about 5% of the people who were ever subbed to him before have located his new channel.

I thought he had an interesting story... we all got to see him have his first girlfriend (at the age of 23 I believe it was) and I think I remember him saying that she was not vegan. Anyway, meeting her and the effects it had on him were I think what lead up to him losing his shit and basically trolling his entire audience by cooking/eating a steak on cam and ultimately deleting his channel.

This is the first new vid I've seen from him in a while, I don't really keep up with his channel even though I'm subbed. I think he has really laid off sharing anything even remotely entertaining or personal with his audience because he probably just doesn't want shit to go south again.

Anyway, even though I don't understand what the hell he's talking about basically 90% of the time, I still enjoy watching the guy.
I use the coffee cup icon for this thread because he used to post vid recipes for this super strong crazy coffee he used to make, it had like... butter in it or something. LMAO, it was like... some weird vegan butter. I don't even know. Fuckin' guy is a trip.

Here he is in his classic recording setting!!!

I think that's the kitchen, not sure though.

Great video!!!
He's so right.

Dude I fucking love this guy.

I could watch his videos for hours on end.

When he had like hundreds of vids on his old channel, I used to. ROFL.

Dude honestly I would listen to this guy read the phone book, I fucking swear.

He's super married now, I'm totally happy for him. He's totally the kinda guy who would be married for like 70 years and have 5 or 6 kids.

5:11 he's right, interesting points, I don't necessarily entirely agree with him (opinion-wise) but it's still very interesting.
You troll YouTube comments?

I love it
I used to back in the day on another name...

I'm way way nicer now.
Lol k
He's talking about IMMIGRANTS!?!?!?!?!

Holy heck, I don't remember him ever talking about any political stuff before!!!


It makes me stop and think about how rare it is to hear an ACTUAL SMART PERSON talk about politics!!!?

Check it out, what are all those bottles and containers to the right? Is he a prepper?!?!?

6:04 I totally agree, excellent points!!!

0:30 dude I busted out laughing SO FUCKING HARD AND LOUD, I cannot even lie.

I also busted out laughing equally hard and loud the second, third, fourth and fifth time I listened to it.

The banging on the table with my fists kind of LOL.

3:27 he's got great points about having pets.

5:58 wow that's such an analytical view of God... that's really awesome.

7:47 - 8:37 that's daaark, holy shit, ROFLMAO!!! Fucking love it!!!

Looks like poor Chris has been relegated to the basement or the garage to make his videos since tying the knot!!!

3:22 interesting points!!!

Chris is basically making a bunch of videos debunking this film called "Evolution vs. God"...

And other films, documentaries and articles dealing with the subject matter of evolutions vs. creationism:

Dude Chris's videos have been off the hook lately, LMAO holy shit!!!

I love this fuckin' guy.

Great video, very enjoyable. I just love this guy.
Dude OMG...

"Are There Really Alternate Universes"...

Holy shit, this seems like a big one to address.

This seems like a defining moment.

Let's see what he has to say...


This fucking guy is awesome. He looks super healthy too. I think he's made videos about his diet (he used to be vegan) but I just haven't watched them.

1:58 I really am not following what the fuck he's saying here...

Is this like... a disclaimer or something??

Is he gonna tell us whether he thinks there are alternate universes or not??

2:41 WTF Chris come on, just fuckin' tell us!!!

Did he already tell us??? Did I miss something???

I think he needs to try psychedelics.

3:30 he FINALLY gets on with his OWN opinion...

It's SOOO much better when he gets real with shit.

I feel like maybe 40% of that video was his honest personal thoughts.

Science is like a religion, pretty annoying. It's like a cult.

Science this, science that... if it doesn't have anything to do with science, don't mention science.

What's gonna happen? Is science gonna get mad at you for not bringing it into the picture?
I like what he has to say re: virtual reality...

I've written about this too:

"Virtual Reality is dumb as shit..."

"Scientists are fucking obnoxious..."

"Globalist agenda is to get people hooked on virtual reality and give their lives over"

"I Was Accepted Into The Most Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Experience!!!"

"Just say no to virtual reality, just say no to merging your consciousness with robots"

"They are going to come up with scientific 'proof' to brainwash people into..."

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