So VidMe is shutting down December 15
Styx tried to warn them about excluding news and politics from the trending algorithm. I didn't find the VidMe team particularly responsive to the concerns of users when I was there. They were just another Silly Valley tech outfit hiding behind an electronic wall.

(12-03-2017, 11:53 AM)Russian Bot Wrote:  excluding news and politics from the trending algorithm.

Yeah I was hardcore hopeful about VidMe. I saw them as a truly viable option for a YouTube replacement, and I enjoyed hanging VidMe over YouTube’s head and threatening YouTube not to suck lest it be replaced etc. Unfortunately that totally didn’t work, and YouTube is basically still broken (notifications don’t work, so on). Instead of YouTube simply FUNCTIONING PROPERLY, being broken and fucked up is now its new normal. Anyway... VidMe shit on my hopes and aspirations for the platform when it decided to stick with the censorship of the Politics category by disallowing it to trend on the front page. It was a pussy, pansy move and I ceased uploading there. I also came to the conclusion that VidMe were a bunch of skinny jeans wearing soyboys when they were being too soft with their contests, giving people who sucked prizes because they basically felt bad for them or apparently were impressed by how totally gay their entry was. All around bad signs and they shot themselves in the foot... let them be an example that being girly boy pushovers never makes you any money in the real world.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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