Let me tell you what, I love those Chinese...
Dancing Banana 
I just got a light, thin envelope package from China...

I'm like what the hell is this??

I open it...

Four blue buttons (like shirt buttons) and a card falls out.

The card says "IT'S A GIFT"...

And on the other side it says, what I actually ordered is incoming, don't worry...

But basically it says, this is a gift because our store has done so well.

I'm like OMG WTF?

I fucking love that...

ROFL I just fucking love that.

It's hilarious, it's weird, it's random...

It's sweet, it's magical...

And it's Chinese.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Chinese food is the best !!!!!!
I love ordering stuff directly from china too! Free shipping is wonderful and my kids love to buy little things from there, we usually get things under a dollar.

Where do you shop at? I use aliexpress.
They sell salt lamps at aliexpress, just saying.
I actually also received a light and thin envelope from China but that was just the methamphetamine I ordered Smile
I order most of my electronic parts from Chinese sellers on Ebay. I often lose interest in a project while waiting a month or so for the parts to arrive. Not so this time. My 8x8 analog switching matrices and 3.58 MHz crystal oscillators came in this week. I only need two of the switch ICs and one crystal for my project, but since everything is so cheap from China, I order a few extras so I won't have to wait another month if I ever need one again. I've spent most of the day today designing a call progress tone generator circuit and digging all of the other parts I need out of parts boxes in the lab. I'm going to start building the circuit board in the morning.

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