Dreamed about the next season of American Horror Story...
The last time I dreamed about an upcoming season of AHS, I dreamed that it totally sucked... and sure enough, it did (Roanoke). Here are the threads to prove it:



The upcoming season wasn't as I had dreamed when it came to a possible plot, but it DID fucking suck ass, so in that way it was accurate.

I didn't have any dreams after Roanoke about the upcoming season, which turned out to be Cult... and it was a pretty good season.

But lastnight, I dreamed about a future season of AHS, probably the next one...

And what really jumped out at me was Evan Peters.

Here's the thing...

Evan is trying to do the Hollywood thing where he tries to be in the movies and stuff. It's the dumbest idea ever, Hollywood is a rotting corpse, TV is pure shit too... but at least with AHS he has a SURE thing. If he ever tries to ditch AHS to jump on the sinking ship that is Hollywood, then he truly is as dumb as he seems when he's out of character. I digress...

Evan was playing the role of a young dude, probably like 18-24 max. He was part of a family who were the subject of the season. It was some woodsy shit and they had all been kidnapped or something. It wasn't your typical kinda thing though. It seemed like some kind of season 1 of True Detective meets Labyrinth. I dunno, it was weird, but I don't put ANY stock in the actual plot shown in the dream. I think more than the plot being the 'accurate' part, it's the overall feel of the 'sneak peak' which indicates whether the season will suck or not.

I can say it seemed pretty scary, and typically AHS isn't scary... at all. It was scary for more classic horror genre kinda reasons, like psychological reasons instead of stupid gory shit or something. And I don't know that AHS is necessarily capable of crafting a story like that. But anyway... it was definitely good, it seemed like it would be a great season.

As long as Evan Peters doesn't go full on Hollywood, and as long as they actually go for another season... there's a chance the next season may not suck, and that Roanoke was just a weird fluke, a complete and utter failure they won't repeat again for at least a few years.

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