Am I the only one who thinks the song "Father Figure" is super fucked up?

I mean...

I've tried to look at it in an innocent kinda way...

But no, LOL, I'm sorry, no can do.

Read the words...

It's literally talking about crime... love being mistaken as a crime.


It's clearly a song about an older man having a gay relationship with a younger man.
I never read that much into it, but you're right.
Oh my god... you're totally right. I don't even know that younger "man" is accurate, if it's a crime. This should be Kevin Spacey's theme song from here on out. The title should be changed to "When your favorite twink just isn't young enough to cut it".
Yeah the "Tiny hand" part...

That's basically the deadest of dead giveaways and I find it disturbing.
Like WTF. It's gruelingly obvious.
I mean when you look at it this way, it's basically the most brazenly predatory song ever...

And I'd really like to hear a serious argument against what seems so blatant here.

I don't think there can be one.
You're cracking me up. Nobody gave two shits what this song meant when it was current. LOL

This article even discusses it...

But they're comparing it to songs about 16 year olds.

Like whatever.

"TINY" hands aren't a feature of anyone past puberty.

These people are fucking idiots.
I don't know. That kind of erotica has been around forever. Take Nabakov's Lolita, or the Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me," for instance. People were always pretty good at distinguishing between reality and fantasy, and didn't really take the latter seriously until recently.
And I liked a couple George Michael songs too.

The bastard had to go and ruin it.
It's just too pervy and freaked out and weird.

About to boycott the damn music industry too, nothing is safe or sacred, what a load of shit.
I haven't bought a new mainstream album in years. The industry doesn't cultivate talent anymore. There's a century's worth of recorded music that's actually good, and it's cheap from used record sellers.
Oh yeah absolutely dude... I love those album/CD shops. I went to one several months back, it was fun. There aren't any super cool ones around here, but the one I went to was acceptable. They didn't have basically anything I wanted, but I found some stuff I didn't know I wanted.
If you can't find what you're looking for locally, I guarantee you'll find it here:
Say, do you have a cassette player?
No man I haven't had one in forever.

I can't remember the last time I saw a cassette player.
(12-17-2017, 05:59 PM)Trix Wrote: "TINY" hands aren't a feature of anyone past puberty.

Maybe it's a romantic ode to Trump?
Trump's hands aren't even small, I don't understand where that comes from...

More mindless baseless hate by the superficial cocksucking radical leftist media.
Love the way Trump has them chasing their tails with all the petty, childish drivel.

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