Dreams And Deja Vu
I was in a small windowless bedroom that was lit with a warm lightbulb. A friend and someone else were in there, they gave me a blue label rectangular in shape about 1 inch by 3 inches with the white word, "Aeschylus." On the other side was also a word. 

-the end
saw the word "fato"
1/18 -end
I was in a building with large wall size window. It was around 4 or 5 in the afternoon with red orange skies. The window wall panel was facing left where I could see an airplane that resembled a star wars ship, a mixture of an imperial lambda and a star destroyer, and the people around me where also trying to get a better look at the new plane that had never been seen in public before.

1/18 -end
The sky was blue and clear somewhere in south america, I was with an individual who wanted to burn things in the streets. We were on a hill facing north, it was a city street, the buildings looked nice and old, the facade of most buildings had an eastern european look to them. There was a group of people working for a local comedy tv show. They were really working for the local government but were in fact popular in local tv. I moved further into the city and into a building were there was a foreign person to the country negotiating something with a leader who was very ill and was talking to children. 

Are all of these instances of remote viewing?
(01-24-2018, 08:56 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: Are all of these instances of remote viewing?

Yes, I just need to print out my certification for proof.

btw Hugo Chavez is alive!!!
and Messi likes to burn shit on the street.
WTF first I want to say I've read about pizzagate or comet pizza and thought it was retarded but I think it influenced my dream.

It was day time, sunny, in a midwest small town city. We were in a home with the main door of the house open and a screen door with a street view shut. I was with a friend and she turned into a cheese pizza. Then I was trying to hide her drugs as someone was coming into the house. 


IRL she does not do drugs... I think.
Dancing Banana 
Holy shit I think there really is a parallel universe that influences life on this universe, 

Anywho this is the second dream I've had with little alien turds and "friends" teaching me how to navigate in a parallel universe.

I was in a different planet shooting at these alien turds and turning frozen lakes into water,

in the first dream i was with friends who shot me up into space to go and fight these little alien things and a gift was given to me by a female friend in order to defeat the little monsters

i dont care what you people think it's real to me bros! Flipoff Nana
Alien turds... ROFL, I love that.
(04-04-2018, 03:57 PM)MO Wrote: Alien turds... ROFL, I love that.

Hi MO, hope you are doing well, I have yet to sleep so I will not be posting anytime soon, but it is with this great enthusiasm that I post this salutation, good day lady MO.
*blows kisses*
I have had the experience of re-seeing a sequence of events, lighting, angle of view, sounds etc. many time in my life. You get this tingly sensation that runs through you, and as soon as you consciously realize, "I have dreamed what is happening now", the tingly sensation and the replay feeling dissolves away.

If only there is a way to extend the experience and not lock into too fast so you can enjoy the tingly sensations, and the auto pilot portion of the experience.

12:57 addresses deja vu, under the guise of explaining synchronicity, which is basically another version of deja vu.

You might have to watch the whole video to understand what he means when he's referencing the 'machine elves'...


Essentially they're entities that people have encountered while on DMT and they (according to this guy) are our 'ancestors' (and in essence they're us) watching and orchestrating what goes on in the reality matrix.
So there I was, In the forest of Alaska running down towards an edge of a cliff following a buddy who took a leap into the icy cold waters of the sea. I could see tiny pieces of ice splash as he took the dive first, I followed only to be held by a tree sticking out of the cliff, I never made it to the icy soothing ocean.

- end 8/18
There was a tornado hitting the city for the first time in so many years.
-end 8/18
So there I was, standing outside a white house with wooden siding overlooking the sidewalk and an elementary school. The house had cement steps and stones making the sides of the steps up to the porch. The front yard was spacious, it was overlooking the street and school, while the house was overlooking the front yard. The steps leading into the street from the front yard were about 5 to 6 feet in incline while the steps from the house to the front yard were 4 to 5 feet in incline. The drive way itself was uphill from the flat street up into side of the house and into the back yard where there was a very spacious lot. I was standing on the front yard which in it self could be the top of a very small hill or mound looking towards to front of the house and into the sky. It was right before twilight. I could see several people looking too, we could all see a fighter jet targeting it's missiles intentionally at american mainland targets, it was the first attack of it's kind by a foreign government, the impression I got was that they were testing or poking the defenses since it was a small lone attack vs what could have happened. Everyone seemed to wonder what would happen next. 

-the end 
It was the afternoon about 4pm or 5pm, I was with another person going to a river/beach. I parked my vehicle on a plaza's parking lot in front of the beach. I was going to prep a grill to cook on the beach when we saw our friend, a comedian, Will Ferrell, bastard did not want to say hi to us...As we walked towards him to say hi I then appeared on the porch of a  light blue wooden house. There was a women in a light brown narrow rocking chair, she asked me to sit on her chair while she sat on another chair to her left. She was wearing a long blue dress the type you see on western movies. Her and I kept shifting from being old people back to our age. I sat on her chair. 

I saw two huge cows, a bull and a cow mating as I was driving by the highway.

-end 10/18

Recurring theme,

I was driving fast up a hill on a standard vehicle when I could not push the pedals properly and drove of the hill. I later regained control and drove to my destination. 

-end 12/18
holy shit 
guy got knocked the fuck out...

I was with a guy I did not know at an airport who was being harassed by another guy, the guy did the best in ignoring the harasser. As we walked through a glass door inside the airport the harasser followed closed by throwing insults as soon as he crossed the glass doors the first guy turned around and threw a vicious hit at the skull of the guy that was following him. The guy fell on the floor with a severely deformed smashed skull, dead. The other guy fled and hid as crowds tried to identify his location. 

- end 

i did not watch die hard

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