Dreams And Deja Vu
I was in a fucking room, I had a huge firecracker that I blew up in my room, in the dream I was surprised how the noise was not as loud as I thought it was going to be,it was still big and awesome. I walked towards a sliding glass door and it seemed like it had rain and it smelled good and fresh. I think people were blowing up fireworks outside.

I can add to this discussion... but in what is probably a different way... with a somewhat different experience

I was very young... I do not remember how old I was.... my parents were arguing... as usual... but this time it seemed different somehow...

and I suddenly knew they were going to part... this was in the 50's and in many ways rather unusual... compared to now... it was a thing that rarely happened...

I am an only child... I had no one to talk too... I was terrified... what would happen to me?


my father had been reading bedtime stories to me... interestingly they were stories  from the Bible... Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Solomon and such...

the God they followed seemed pretty cool... hmmm... he had also told me about prayer and praying... and I had the impression this God was an individual of great power..

logic for me at that point was to pray to that God/individual... I prayed hard and just kept askin for help... I fell asleep praying to this God...

I got an answer...

I had a strange dream that was not quite a dream... sorta... it's hard to explain...

I asked later of this same God to please help me understand what I had seen...

and I got an answer to that... but later... I guess when I was ready till later?

anyways... before me was a long kinda like conveyer belt of small very short or quick movies...

I could roll the conveyer back and forth and watch these little movies...  I also knew... not sure how I knew it was like a voice in my head but not really a voice?

that this was my future... my life laid out in little movies... what I saw did NOT allow me to know when or where they would come along...

and in some cases they were so odd I could make no sense of what I saw... a dog a doorway and an odd shaped metal piece...  and a voice saying that's one over there...

that appeared much later in life... the voice was referring to the metal piece which was a special adapter for mounting a transmission to a different engine..

but at the age I saw it I had no clue as to what it was or for...

but I was assured they would come along and I would recognize them... when I was in the right place at the right time...

I stopped being afraid... I had a answer...

a note here... it is said that one needs to have the faith of a child... well I was a child and I just knew my father would not lie to me... so...

much later my request to understand what I had seen was also answered... in of all places a Occult Book store... in Yuma Arizona...

as I was riding by and for some reason saw the sign and felt obliged to stop... went in and looked about some and found a book...

title was... "The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge"  by a guy that called himself Zolar... not sure why but bought it and then later read it...

in that book was described what I had seen... a little note here... in the forward... the author said everything in the book worked but included a warning...

went something like this... it works BUT the only SAFE way to use it was through God, or to ask God for help with it...

any other way left you open to some very bad things...

also if it did not work for you... that meant you were not supposed to know... or not yet ready...

a note here... how could this be... well hmm... think dark matter or God particle... eph: 4th chapter 6th verse IIRC...

I could go on but... think I will stop here...  wanna hear more just ask... I guess... Smile

there is a lot more I could add...
Wrag, your story kinda reminds me of the plot of Mr. Nobody...

Choosing between parting parents, seeing flashes of future timelines. Deep stuff.


Never heard of that book before... thanks for mentioning it, very interesting. I'll have to look into it more.
(01-11-2019, 06:49 PM)MO Wrote: Wrag, your story kinda reminds me of the plot of Mr. Nobody...

Choosing between parting parents, seeing flashes of future timelines. Deep stuff.


Never heard of that book before... thanks for mentioning it, very interesting. I'll have to look into it more.

I'll have to keep an eye open for that one!
so there I was getting ready to play hockey 
i was excited and then i woke up...
-end 1/19
If you do a search you can find it in PDF IIRC... fairly cheap too... about 7 dollars IIRC
I was in a spaceship getting ready for launch on the launchpad facing towards the sky secured in my seat when I just decided to get off and ride off in a vehicle somewhere else. 
ahh fuck so there I was , it was daytime I was with my phone walking my local streets trying to get footage of a dark sinister vortex destroying everything in it's path, I was welcomed by a stranger to seek refuge in their home but I desired to record the moment on my phone, then I appeared in a dark non lit room when a door bell rang, I was warned it was a faceless dark cloak entity but I did not care, I opened the door and it was a man dressed in a dark cloak it was almost comical that in the dream I was making fun of the moment saying it was a folkloric  haunting known to those involved in the dream.

-end 3/19
So there I was, In an industrial looking building/factory. People were destroying things, I walked by a huge metallic rectangular machine 18 or 21 ft maybe longer, people ran into it and began trying to destroy the inside, as the rectangular machine got full with people another man came out of nowhere and pushed a button that made the top of the machine come down, it killed all the people inside as they all screamed in agonizing pain. I remember looking at the edges of the machine and rollers expecting to see blood seeping out. 

 -end 3/19
So there I was, In a cool winter wonderland, snow everywhere and a city with buildings made of ice, white and crystal clear buildings and structures. I had wondered into a building with a a big empty hall, I did not go any further because I had to leave. There was also a cross and beam a structure that supported a bridge, and then some steps on the exterior of the building were other people were passing through to get into the building. 

- end 4/19
I'm not here to just dismiss what you guys are saying, but if you want to understand the deja vu, I believe you need to watch 12 Monkeys and read what Daniel and John wrote, who were time travelers, along with Elijah and Moses.

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