The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!

This video is about "transplant tourism" and the organ harvesting going on in China.

LMFAO OMG, dude. This is just fucked up LMFAO. Ahahaha, dude. Makes me NEVERRR want to trust annnyyybodyyy that I EVERRR meet in public EVERRR. Not that I would anyway, but I'm just saying. And it's not ONLY about organ harvesting, there's other shit they do as well.

2:13 a FORMER Alex Jones fan, huh Sage?? *shakes head* Disappointing...

3:20 he didn't believe it was a real thing til he researched it?? Really dude?? It's one of the least hard things to believe.

10:20 great points... pretty disturbing shit.

Even though I literally fucking detest Sage's public opinion on Alex Jones right now... I still fucking love the guy. His stories are very interesting.

This video is about teleportation, a subject I have discussed in the past:

Teleported to the Mexico City Plaza?? TBH this story sounds like a load of BS to me.

I mean, it's interesting though.

5:48 LOL :)

The story about Emilie Sagée summarized:

Sounds like it was totally made up by some author.

I mean hey, maybe not but. Sounds like it to me.

Also sounds like a good description of what ghosts are.

The story about the guy materializing in a hot tub after diving into a pool reminds me of the last episode of the original Twilight Zone series, "The Bewitchin' Pool", an episode which I absolutely never cared for...

Sage discusses his research and opinions about the Kennedys and who shot JFK.

Is he about to say the mafia shot JFK??

Why the fuck would they GO AFTER THE MAFIA???

6:26 well thank fricken God because I was about to just throw in the towel and unfuckingsub.

It's actually an interesting explanation of the theory and I can't disagree about the LBJ part.

Mae Brussell talked about this the most of any topic she ever discussed.

3:20 dude bro, why is he suggesting shit like this?! Don't give them any ideas, what're you fucking crazy?!

4:11 yeah that's one thing I don't like that much about Oregon, they have people pump the gas for you... it starts some interesting conversations, but living there and going to the same gas station and seeing all the same people all the time would suck.

5:36 Sage mentions the Woodpecker Signal and suggests that something like this could be responsible for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Info about the Woodpecker Signal which mentions its concentration on Eugene, Oregon:

The Wiki page about it mentions nothing about Oregon:

10:45 - 11:20 this is why I continue to think Sage is so interesting.

Having said that... I do think they've probably gone way beyond audio signals at this point.

Today Sage asks "What is Bigfoot?"

2:08 Sage says that Bigfoot is likely the undiscovered North American ape, and that they bury their own dead and bury their own shit too.

2:45 I think there is some merit to the idea that Bigfoot could be an interdimensional creature, kinda like Predator.

6:56 I like this theory about Bigfoot being the indigenous earth animal that aliens spliced their own DNA with to create the human. Maybe afterward the aliens tried to kill off all the Bigfoot but some of them survived (as they always do).

Reminds me of this:
(10-12-2018, 02:04 PM)Trix Wrote: 6:56 I like this theory about Bigfoot being the indigenous earth animal that aliens spliced their own DNA with to create the human. Maybe afterward the aliens tried to kill off all the Bigfoot but some of them survived (as they always do).

The concept also supports my theory about wisdom teeth being a remnant from whatever we were spliced with...

I'm interested to hear Sage's take on this considering the fact that he's a musician.

5:50 he starts getting into the history of the 432hz vs. 440hz debate.

12:37 he says that Baldwin, Gibson, and other instrument manufacturers got together and decided to start tuning their instruments to 440hz and blamed it on some ridiculous excuse about how instruments are shipped.

At the end of the vid he suggests that the 432hz frequency use really might be of occult origin.

1:54 I kinda feel like Sage doesn't really get it...

Isn't the conspiracy that the music these days is standardized to the frequencies AFTER the songs are made.

It doesn't matter what pitch the instruments were recorded in.

5:18 that's really interesting, I mean it's a testament to what people say about frequencies either having good or harmful effects on the body.

7:47 he talks about the Schumann resonance.

11:20 everything he says after this point is very interesting.

Sage addresses the Mount St. Helens Bigfoot coverup which happened in 1980.

1:58 ah wow, that's so interesting!!!

4:20 so apparently one of the workers after Mount St. Helens blew said that he saw Bigfoot bodies.

7:31 oh COME ON.

10:18 is it bad that I laughed? OMG I'm so sorry but I totally laughed.

I've never heard of the "cryptozoological phenomenon" known as "Dogman" or "Dogmen"...

But Sage promises us a the "creepiest story ever" which I am guessing has gotta be clickbait, because this Dogman thing isn't scary at all IMHO.

4:49 okay now I'm excited about the story because apparently it's Sage's grandma's story so it should be more credible than some random story.

6:13 a rider on horseback... LOL. My grandma told me that when she was born, her dad rode on horseback to fetch the doctor too and that it was winter and the doctor came and had to stay for days at their house because of the weather.

This is an awesome story for sure. It was probably just a bunch of deformed babies, it's sad. The Dogbabies sound cute though.

11:10 oh my God WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

3:05 Trace Adkins' wife Julie Lauren Curtis shot him?! And he never pressed charges!? WTF happened between them?!

LOL she sounds like a badass bitch to me!!!
"LOL she sounds like a badass bitch to me!!!"
Trix is a demon. Basically cheerleading mariticide(word of the day?)
Did you watch the video?! Sage served us the tea bro, she shot him because he was beating her up!!!

2:43 if it's a "civil war" indicator, then it's a wholly FABRICATED civil war, which means it's fucking bullshit and the MASSES don't give a fuck about it and aren't participating in it. It's a FAIL.

I've seen them transporting Antifa around in black Mercedes Sprinter Vans (with Oregon plates, BTW) and they never travel alone, there are always at least 2 vans.

This "civil war" is completely made up and anyone inciting it has been literally bussed in and it's that simple. It's all funded, with little attempt to actually hide that fact... it's rather pathetic and sloppy actually.

6:05 there's just no way I could disagree with him any more.

AT THE VERY LEAST you CANNOT CALL IT a "civil war'...

An attack on Americans by funded groups? Yeah. Civil war? No.

6:55 and this is where Sage becomes totally suspicious...

That's a clip right there that you'd see on CNN once they really do take YouTubers and other people in public circles who are "right" and use them as examples of the "bad guys"...

Not cool.

And even beyond that, I disagree with him...

To say the "right" is going to target the puppets is pretty demeaning and entirely suspicious.

I really didn't wanna think Sage could be one of them.

An interesting psychological assessment by Sage... interesting info.

In this video, Sage discusses the 'faked celebrity deaths' conspiracy theory.

4:00 honestly it sounds like a decent deal to me.

Kinda like going into the witness protection program, only for famous people.

5:30 that story is definitely bullshit because there's no way they'd let Jim Morrison run his own refuge if part of the 'faking death' deal is to never admit to being that person.

The Graceland Groundskeeper guy:

This video proves he's not really Elvis though:

In this video, Sage discusses the time he battled a "warlock"...


5:04 oh COME ONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5:28 does he mean succubus or incubus? Why would a succubus be attacking a chick? That's gay.

5:57 prayer cloths are great though.

6:45 I mean it sounds like HE'S doing some witchcraft to me...


12:35 he talks about how to break the curse.
Dude i got all tied up with amy whinehouse cuz of your links yesterday...i wonder if that one faked her death...she had peaked and needed years of rehab
Nah, Amy was abused and traumatized to the point of drug addiction and other self-harm...

She was drained of all her 'spark' whilst living and then ritualistically killed.

That's my honest personal belief.

I'd fuck a dude who talks like that!!!

1:30 that's fuckin' badass!!!


Dude oh my God this story is crazy.


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