The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!

I've psychically communicated with animals on a lot of occasions. It's basically never linguistic.

It's just vibes and concepts.

7:04 dude I FUCKING SWEAR I almost pissed myself.

But he's fucking RIGHT. It IS dog talk!!! OMG!!!

Bwahahahaha that was awesome!!!

I can do the 'dog sniff' sound but I've never done the 'dog pant'.

8:00 I think the "Tower of Babel" was just a parable about the advent of language in general.

The 'language we all spoke' was just psychic...

I've written about the concept here:

"The Electric Universe: Foreign Accent Syndrome and The Tower of Babel"

Kinda reminds me of Valor Ridge's Reid Henrichs' message about "Fluff vs. Skill"...

Essentially, it's not the tools that matter, it's the technique, the attitude, and the skill cultivated.

In this video, Sage shows us how to make a fire.

With a spark and a cotton ball coated in Vaseline.

Gotta be honest, that was pretty fucking amazing.

Awwwe, Sage is adorable, look, his hair is so nice!

I just love swords, this video makes me wanna pull mine out and stroke 'em!

Sage talks about "Time Traveler" John Titor, one of my classic favorites!!!

I always imagined John Titor being sooo fucking hot.

Sage is also discussing the multiverse and timelines in this video.

I suppose that it's in an attempt to explain why some of Titor's predictions haven't happened yet.

In a nutshell, Titor apparently predicted the civil war kicked off after there was a fraudulent presidential election...

Sage is asserting that it could be in reference to the 2020 or 2024 elections.

7:45 he mentions Broward county in the news again because thousands of ballots are surfacing out of nowhere...

We all know Broward county is the most corrupt county in Florida, home to many ops.

These threads in part discuss the wrong-doings of Broward county and its officials:

10:20 it's not "far fetched" at all and it really needs to be looked at as a possibility.

My personal opinion...

Most of what Titor predicted will never come to pass.


It is what it is.

Titor was a very fun and very popular character for many years, and I guess this video exemplifies that sometimes, he still is.
(11-09-2018, 04:49 PM)Trix Wrote: 7:45 he mentions Broward county in the news again because thousands of ballots are surfacing out of nowhere...

We all know Broward county is the most corrupt county in Florida, home to many ops.

These threads in part discuss the wrong-doings of Broward county and its officials:

Now it's even been dubbed "The Broward Effect"...

Oh my God, Sage is ADORABLEEE. Look at hiiim!!!

Wow, Sage is so handy and brilliant...

This is so great.

Love him, despite some of my suspicions of him.

He's so great.

These prepping vids are some of my fave he's ever made.

I'm fucking turnt and shook over Sage's prepping videos, I looove them.

Sage is so great. He's so right. You should never leave home without a knife.

Knives are so great.

4:40 that's a super nice knife, looks really lightweight and it seems nice and thin re: the handle.

6:34 LOL Sage is so funny and adorable, hahaha!!!

18:36 wow that's interesting, the steel moves the needle on the compass!!!

Black cat at the end of the vid!!! It's an omen!!! Black cats are good luck!!!

I always make sure I'm enjoying a cup of coffee whenever I watch one of Sage's Coffee Talk vids!!!

1:13 thank God THE PRESIDENT of our great nation is BRAVE ENOUGH and SMART ENOUGH to call the caravan for what it fucking is... an INVASION.

3:35 he mentions dahboo777, here's one of the videos:

Caravans taking over a Mexico City football stadium, eh? Tanks with a red star, eh?

9:17 "may be"... ROFL.


Sage is making me wanna live in a van so fucking hard right now.

Because it's so true.

There's hardly a better way to get a front row seat to the dynamically changing facets of nature that take place even just throughout the day, than to be mobile and live in a vehicle.

I mean it really is fucking awesome.

I would do it...

I'd travel around and never stay in one place too long.

The only issue is gas.

This is another vid about John Titor... it should be pretty interesting to see the connections Sage makes in this video.

Sage still kinda makes me horny, I can't pretend. I can't lie.

5:50 the thing is, it sounds like all the same "OMG THE WORLD'S COMING TO AN END" kinda shit as always. It's the same shit everyone's always said (in the conspiracy circles) and nothing ever happens...


Sure, it'd be foolish to assert nothing can ever happen on these fronts, but I'm not doing that. Simply put, people have been pointing at "signs" and claiming it's all going down, for years and years, yet here we are.

Just saying.

6:30 really, it's just the opposite. I see the instability in Europe being the serious threat to the rest of the west.

Definitely an interesting audio interview though.

18:45 again, as I've said many times, I wholly disagree that there will be a civil war or even a WW3...

The war is ongoing, it has been for decades:

Bombs and nukes and all that bullshit is so 20th century. Get with the times.

I love that Sage literally lives in a van down by the river, that's so cool!

Sage is so entertaining, he can make anything fun to watch.


Awwwe, Sage looks so adorable wielding a knife!!! What a cutie!!!

God, Sage is so amazing, I just love these videos!!!

He's sooo smart too.

6:35 ooo, Sage is so good at cramming things into tight spaces!!!

Sage is gonna put the tube on his buck knife? Like how??

God... Sage's prepping videos are so educational in a special intimate 'Uncle Sage' kinda way.

Siiigh... I just looove that.

Oh wow, the cigar tube is right there in the toe of the knife/scabbard under the paracord!!! How brilliant!!!

God this is so amazing.
God I'm so in love with Sage, what a man!!!


I wonder if Sage dyes his hair.

I looooooooove the Native Americans, they're so sexy.

I just loooooooooove sage, he's so poetic.

Such a great video.
(10-12-2018, 02:04 PM)Trix Wrote:
6:56 I like this theory about Bigfoot being the indigenous earth animal that aliens spliced their own DNA with to create the human. Maybe afterward the aliens tried to kill off all the Bigfoot but some of them survived (as they always do).

Reminds me of this:

Isn't the theory that Q was hijacked and compromised like... half a year ago or some shit??

8:53 interesting points. So he's basically saying that Q is now a Hanoi Hannah.

Sage's videos have been so informative and helpful lately!!!

7:40 interesting.

11:35 amen Sage. Alcohol is one of those things ;)

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