The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!

So fascinating.

Sage is teaching us so much with this series, I love it.

Not gonna lie, I only half watched this video while I was multitasking.

0:51 that was random...


Reincarnation and past lives etc. are real, but the truth of the matter is that we're all one consciousness and from a totally zoomed out standpoint, we've been all things.

5:30 reminds me of the thread I made lastnight...

8:44 interesting story from Sage.

OMG now Sage is telling LITERAL STORIES.

Makes me wonder about all the other stories he's ever shared with us as it seems absolutely nothing in his body language subtle or otherwise is any different than usual!?

1:06 ROFL that was so funny.

10:00 he brings up a great point.

14:00 LMFAOOO holy fuck I bet this crazy 5'4" road rage dude will think twice before he runs up to somebody's car like that again, ROFLROFL.

I hate it when people approach the vehicle.

I have to admit, Sage is very fun to listen to.

1:41 gold/orange/brown is about the best color combo ever.

5:02 LOL.

I hope Sage realizes he's engaging in witchcraft by programming minds with these stories. What you think about, you become; what you imagine can actually happen.

I don't watch this series because I reject the programming...

If he keeps up with this kinda thing for too much longer I really may have to just unsubscribe and give my final verdict that he's controlled opposition.

LOL, Sage is so right about this.

2:46 he mentions the national parks disappearances...

(11-19-2018, 11:46 PM)genba Wrote: you'd be surprised how many people go missing in national parks each year.

(11-19-2018, 11:48 PM)Trix Wrote: So many that this guy has a whole damn channel about it:

3:52 he's right about the need for a northern border wall...

The north and the south border are both a problem.

Dude Sage totally reminds me of a hillbilly Freddy Krueger in that hat with the gloves and the blade.

I always think it's interesting when people go apeshit about having thousands of subscribers.

I'm not trying to demean anybody for being excited about that, of course it's great.

On YouTube especially it's just like...

There are so many total fucking morons who are leagues beyond lackluster and they have like millions of subscribers.

I sort of think that there is more glory the fewer subscribers you have on YouTube...

A lot of really excellent minds don't have that many subscribers.

Sage's sub count hasn't suffered at all since he decided to NOT EVEN SAY Alex Jones's name anymore since he got banned...

If you have to censor yourself to that degree in order to 'succeed' in that sphere well LOL, fuck that.

God I agree with Sage so hardcore on this. Vehicles are the best.

0:52 LOL amen to that Sage! Nobody else can fit! My car house can only fit one other person comfortably, and I make it clear we don't like visitors.

2:13 fuck YES Sage!!! MOVE IT ALL AROUND!!! That's what the vehicle livin' life is all about!!! WOOT!!! FFFRRREEEEEDDDDDOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:43 Sage is the ONLY PERSON I've ever heard argue IN FAVOR of living in a VAN as an elderly person. He says everything is super close by and easy to get to. See, he's right. I'd say you'd have to be able to stand up though, so a high top would be necessary.

5:36 I totally wanna live that way... I think it's so awesome.

I'M HAVING A GREAT CHRISTMAS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:35 OMG he set his finger on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14:17 that's pretty neat.

LOL Sage has a 'cute little Christmas story' for us!!!

1:00 he says he's gonna talk about his second marriage, and he says she 'walked out on him' 16 times!?!?!

MARCIA LAW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


CenturyLink outage disrupts 911 calling system!?!?!

Verizon outage too!?


2:40 hmmm, WTF, interesting.

Brooklyn, NY "transformer explosion" causes blue light...

That sure is a lot of blue light...


That was quite a long lasting "transformer explosion"...

Evacuation signs...

This is pretty dang weird considering the subject matter of his previous video.

I absolutely agree with Sage on this matter.

I'm not related to any gypsies that I know of.

But I absolutely do feel drawn toward the more 'nomadic' life, 21st century style.

I'd never make it roving around in nature all day and night, but I can absolutely live in a caravan.

It fills the spirit with wonder.

4:03 he's right, it's totally true.

4:38 OMG he's so right on... see this is why I love Sage, because he absolutely is right about most things.

The doof in the MAGA hat even looks like a total shill...

How do these people even get any serious viewers?

Thread about 5G:

3:30 5G damages DNA.

4:00 possibility of brain tumors if you live under powerlines/cell towers.

5:00 higher rates of diabetes if you live close to a cell phone tower.

7:30 interesting points about the "Voice of God" technology and beaming thoughts into peoples' heads.

13:00 Sage says that since he's lived closer to lots of cell towers, he's experienced a decline in health. He's also commented on heart problems being related to electricity and cell towers...

"Heart Related Deaths on the Rise: Magnetic Manipulation? Heart is a Magnetic Field"

Apparently Sage went out and conducted an experiment to see how hard it is to actually start a fire out in nature, and he attempted this in the very cold and wet (almost snowy) woods nearby. Seems that he was surprised at how hard it actually was.

Sage is referring to fatwood as "the duct tape of fire starting"... clever!

10:50 I bet that fatwood smells great.

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