The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!
Trix i wanna deliver the fatwood into yer hearth and we can roast weenies and marshmellows
Thank you. God.

Thank you so much. Please.

Do it to me.
I mean. Do it to the marshmallows.

Or whatever.

3:18 he's absolutely right.

"Sage rage" ROFL.

Derferq is he talking about??

I'm sorry but nothing is going to happen.

Whoooa. This is pretty freaky. WTF.

I got the same email yesterday at the regular email I always get them from.

I really think Sage got things mixed up on his end and he filled out one of the email things from the Trump team in the past and put in that email address...

Maybe it was auto-filled in and he just didn't catch it.

Gotta be something he did on his end.

What doesn't make sense is why he would use his 'Sage Wanderer' name on any past emails.

It makes sense he'd put in the wrong email address on auto-fill, but not the wrong name.

LOL, I think we all need to go down to the border and record the wall to prove to these fucking idiots that there's a wall. ROFL!

1:28 Sage is right.

He's right about the definition of a fence too.

5:21 great arguments against a concrete wall.

Here's the video he's talking about:

Important message from Sage regarding the need for border security.

This is the guy/channel that Sage is talking about...

Looks like a fear porn channel, you can tell by the thumbnails... there are a lot of them out there.

2:00 eating a still-beating heart is not "cannibalism", it's basically a celebration of victory... for total fucking savages, LMFAO. But that's what it is, no less.

Stuff like that won't happen in America until 50-100 years into a takeover by third world "immigrants", after either every high IQ group of people has left, or has been killed by the savages. Once the high IQ people are gone, the low IQ people will inevitably destroy everything that was built by smart people, and then they'll start eating each other.

12:43, it's true. Low IQ masses always destroy everything good.

2:20 wow that's BRILLIANT. I love it!!!

4:50 that's a bitchin' brown handkerchief.

I'd like to see the most pansy assed dude who watches Sage's channel trying to become a real man. You ever wonder what peoples' YouTube audiences look like? I typically don't.

19:53 LOLOL, teehee.

Great informational video!

How Sage lost his VIRGINITAH?! I don't expect this to be normal at all!!!



1:00 yuuuuuup, here it comes, ROFL.

2:15 OMG more popcorn, MORE POPCORN.

Oh no, Sage likes to be dominated?? Please tell me it's not so!!!

Or is he just talking about MILFs?

Ah LOL I figured it was a threesome but damn, that's my kinda threesome!!!


Please just tell me it was a MILF though. That would be even hotter.

5:45... WHOOOOOOOA. I guess this was before AIDS?!


7:35 I dunno it's kinda sad though.


11:00 yeesh, y'all. Yeesh. Dang.

It's a sad story, TBH.

11:56 WHEEEEEW OMG, DAMN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arf! Arf! Arf arf!


This is great.

13:30 *screams of laughter*

Kevin totally wanted Sage.

5:00 Sage is fun to listen to.

24:00 awesome story.

I just don't agree with Sage about most of this.

Hearing about "the doom" for many years, I absolutely understand where he's coming from.

But I just see no point in worrying about it anymore.

I don't buy into fear sold by anyone.

Looks like Sage likes his steaks rare!!! My kinda guy!!!

I've always been super into actual stick fighting though, like with actual sticks.

Beautiful waters, looks cold though.

Really interesting watching the making of a fire.

I really like Sage's educational videos paired with the scenery.

Wow, Roger Stone arrested. The charges sound totally bogus. This is crazy.

Sage is right... well said.

2:00 WTF YouTuber is he talking about here??

9:00 I love Sage.

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