The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!

Developing this land is gonna be good for Sage.

Sage looks 10 years younger since he got the fuck out of Oregon!
He neverrrrrr belonged in the PACNW.

Sage is about to live the dream and acquire what I like to call a "Pickle Shack"...

A shed.

I'm excited for him.

I think he's doing some of it wrong.

But the part about the pickle shack sounds pretty right...

He better get a fucking well drilled though.

I feel like this cover just took my 4th virginity...


Great video/tips.

22:18 - 23:18 that's pretty fucking amazing.

Oh Lord...


1:46 ROFLMAO that IS gloriously redneck.

2:30 oh shit.

3:36 what the fuck, where the fuck is this story going dude? Was this lady a pimp?

4:37 LMFAOOO a pot frisbee what the actual fuck... bwahahaha fuck I'm so glad I decided to watch this vid.

10:00 I think Staci did the right thing... I would have done the same.

16:15 this story is... fucked up.

20:50 you know what, I wouldn't even be fuckin' surprised if it really was written about them ROFLMAOLOL. I doubt it but... y'know. I dunno. It's a fun story.

22:54 BWAHAHAHAHAHA that's some Pisces shit right there!!! Ahahahaha praise Jesus.

25:10 that's some deep shit.

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