Kelli In the Raw: Gods/Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Angels... They're ALL Reptilians!!!
(07-05-2019, 08:36 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Kelli in a new locale?

Wonder if she'll ever explain?

Did she move out alone?

2:20 in the process of moving and deciding where she wants to live... hmmm. She says it could be anywhere in the world. Well I recommend she goes somewhere that may relieve her "allergy" symptoms. And if she tries that and it doesn't work... she might want to consider it could be the fake boobs (IF they ARE fake, which we don't know)...

I'm just saying. Just trying to help!

Wow, so did she finally shake her albatross of a husband off her back? That would be seriously awesome... he always seemed like an asshole to me. Remember in the early days when Kelli could only film in the closet and her husband tried to make that hell for her too? Yeah... we remember. I'd never miss a motherfucker like that. Hopefully he didn't die though!

2:37 she says she's in Colorado right now. Not bad, Denver is good for allergies...

She says she's been gone from Texas for 2 months.

5:20 must be so nice not to be held down by her husband anymore!!! Woo hoo!!! God yes, party time!!!

6:45 meeting "actors and producers and people with money"... LOL, admittedly this sounds like she's run off chasing a mid-life crisis pipe dream. That said though, it's still better than being with her husband.

10:52 - 11:27 oh yeah, because TV is SOOOOOO open and receptive, fucking ROFLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom line? She always wanted to be a TV star. YouTube was always a second best concept to her, she never gave up TV's #1 place within her. And TV is wholly antiquated. Her obsession with it displays an inability to change with the times.

I'm not trying to simply judge Kelli harshly... I am stating what I believe to be the honest truth.
Unfortunately she is deluding herself here.
I'm certainly not saying Kelli's a bad chick...

I think even her intentions for the most part are good.

But she thinks fulfillment is gonna come from something it's not going to come from, ultimately.

You haven't encountered "limitation" until you've tried to play ball in the TV world... FUCKING LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or just the hollyweird sphere in general. It is literally the most limiting, stifling, slavery based system currently on the planet... and that is the truth.

And that's what Kelli is trying to get into because she has NOOO idea what it is (no idea whatsoever), or she legitimately thinks she can break that system (she can't, it's not meant to be broken, it's meant to be abandoned, FOR THE FUCKINGGGG INTERNETTTTT, HELLOOOOO, ROFLMFAO). But her efforts are in vain and I mean that literally...

See, Kelli has obviously spent her life as a very attractive woman. She's been the object of much adoration in her time, be it nights out on the town, acquaintances who wanted her for much more than friendship, so on so forth. The same plight as every other beautiful woman who has ever been. But now she's getting older, and because she spent a lot of time childrearing and being married (to a total moron/asshole no less), she never got to GET IT OUT OF HER SYSTEM. She never got to LIVE IT UP when the livin' was fresh and good. Hot off the press.

So she's trying to pursue it all now... and she CAN enjoy life, but it's too late to do some of the other things she wanted to do. And the truth is, those things she wanted were (are) based in vanity. They never would have been good anyway. Those things never would have truly satisfied her. Yet... she pines for them. And she's had so much exposure, gotten so much more attention than most people do on the internet. Global attention. But it still wasn't enough. Why else would she not be satisfied with the internet platform? Because to her, TV represents a higher level of being worshipped and adored. It means more to her, simply put... as antiquated and, frankly, useless as it is today.

15:40 and she really is... she's happy, she's free. Notice she keeps using the words "limited" and "unlimited". It's because she spent all those years as a house slave totally under the oppressive rule of the moron she married. She's going FUCKINGGGGG crazy now that she's free. And she has every right to, her youngest is an adult now pretty sure. She doesn't owe anybody a fucking thing... mommy's OUT! Bye motherfuckers! LOL! I don't blame her AT ALL. And if she'd even chosen to do it sooner... I still wouldn't have blamed her.

Truth is... abandonment is part of human nature. To walk away from it all is part of human nature. I'd even venture to say it's something everyone should do at some point in their lives... maybe even more than once. It's a wonderful experience... sometimes it's forced, sometimes it's chosen. It's usually scary, and on some levels usually painful... but it DOES make you feel free and, for many, that will be a major source of happiness.
I assume that Kelli married a man who was very much into her looks and probably the most shallow aspects of them too... I assume he likely held her to rigorous standards. Daily makeup, certain clothes, etc. And not that he'd ever have the balls to leave her if she didn't uphold those standards because LOL, get real, he's probably totally unattractive compared to her... but it's almost certain he made her life a psychological/emotional hell if she didn't live up to his vision. We already know that about him from what she's shared in videos.

So, no not everyone marries a moron and spends their married years in a situation like that. But Kelli did. That's all I'm saying. It was her story to play out... now she's living another part of her story. But I have no doubt that, even though she is older and she's basically chasing a wild goose here... she will likely be much happier than in previous years. At the least, she'll be living.
Anyway, circa 14:38 she says she's staying with a (male) fan who became a friend. Not saying they're romantic but... my guess is she met this person (and maybe some other people too) and was offered a place to stay before she ever left her former situation. Otherwise... it's hard to say she would have ever left.

That's just speculation, and while most of the stuff I say IS speculation... most of it, I hardcore believe is the truth and I don't PERSONALLY view it as speculation even though it technically is.

I don't think this person she's staying with is a romantic involvement.

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