You Are Free TV: Odin's Eye, Snowden, Assange, QAnon, and the Deep State Takedown

Great view out that window.

This woman has SUCH a lovely attitude. It's great, just great.

2:29 God Trump is so amazing.

10:21 that WAS weird...


Antarctica disclosure in the aether?!
(12-21-2018, 07:47 PM)Trix Wrote: This woman has SUCH a lovely attitude. It's great, just great.

She's a sweety. I was subscribed to her channel before you made this thread. Unfortunately, I got over-saturated with the Q Anon stuff and clickbait headlines (not necessarily from her) about how the traitors will be going to jail any day now, and unsubscribed from all such channels.

17:00 a prison barge coming down the east coast around North Carolina?!

20:28 BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA I FREAKING SCREEEEAMED WITH LAUGHTER!!!!!!!! Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is the fucking best diss name EVERRRRRRRRR.




7:40 she's addressing Corey Goode and his blue space chicken cult, which we've heard Clif High talk about being total disinfo...

This lady goes on to blow it wide open by pointing out that a new tactic of these globalist funded agents is to try and TRADEMARK EVERYTHING.

Aha. Gotchya, motherfuckers.


24:49 I recommend she does do that show... whether it's live or not.

I don't really like watching live shows or shows where she interacts with other people.

24:42 she mentions the astrology of Uranus in Taurus coming up for the next 8 years.

It's a very interesting subject to bring up.

I wonder what kinda food this lady eats?

ROFLMAO @ that Golden Globes bullshit... again, I've discussed at length what a horrible curse being a "hollywood celebrity" is. They are not there to entertain... they are there to be SLAVES to the globalist/elitist agenda du jour.

"Hollywood celebrities are being pawned"

"Celebrities are officially DANGEROUS. They are not entertainers, they’re TOOLS"

So according to her video they are trying to push vaccine acceptance on the masses using these hollywood slave puppets. Probably to condition minds to accept the "ebola" vaccine, or just encouraging people to get a flu shot or something. Since they're pushing it, it only stands to reason that whatever vaccine it ends up being will be tainted.

18:00 things are gettin' good!!!


20:58 "Ocrazio" ROFLMAOOOOOOO. So many FUCKING hilarious puns on that chick's name.

Oh my God I fricken swear I LOVE this lady and I can't even help it, like... I think it's her personality and her pleasant demeanor, she's just so damn fricken amazing.

Mae Brussell, Alex Jones, this chick...

These kinda people are my straight up heroes and some of my biggest inspirations as someone who loves information, communication, etc.

8:23 WTF, attempted assassinations? Is that true? Geez I wonder how often this kinda shit goes on and they just don't talk about it??

18:00 a 20 minute delay for "FACT CHECKING"!?!?!?!?!?! LMFAO THESE FACIST PIECES OF SHIT.


1:45 she's right, I've been experiencing it.

10:30 wow, Minnesota is such a shithole.

This "doctor" in Minnesota literally said they would prescribe JEWS the WRONG MEDICATIONS, ON PURPOSE.

And that's just one who was dumb enough to post on social media about it...

Imagine all the ones doing it all over the country who aren't that dumb.
I bet you write all these posts laying naked on a big bed waiting for a buffed dude
I'd say I write a solid 10% of my posts in said manner.

This lady has such a pure heart.

She's so devoted to the truth, and freedom. I think she's so special.

8:00 she addresses the news filter which is going to be forced on everyone's devices.

She says they'll be forcing smart devices on every single person.

So it's like the screens in everybody's houses in 1984... telescreens.

Pablo Escobar's BROTHER Roberto is allowed to run a $50,000,000 GoFundMe campaign trying to impeach the president...

But Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy AREN'T ALLOWED on GoFundMe!!!!!!!!!!!

33:00 she's right, the "immigrants" are being used as disease carriers, spreaders of disgusting illnesses.

First up in the video she discusses the Paradise, CA wildfires.

9:58 she discusses Alex Jones losing lawsuit.

5:00 addresses the story about a Chinese company which forced its workers to crawl on a street because they didn't meet their quota...

8:00 what they're doing to Steve King is so wrong.

19:38 interesting place for the video to cut off... seems like fuckery.

I can tell this is going to be an important video, but I don't know why yet...

It's just a feeling I have.

2:50 space defense... hmmm.

She says congressional delegates abroad are also grounded right now and that something regarding the Davos meeting is being shut down.

4:45 the reduced government is working fine. EPA now functioning on 800 workers rather than 14,000 workers. Unnecessary government bloat being eliminated.

8:30 they're trying to "fact check" the President's address by having him write it out in advance... it's sick. The President really has his balls in a vice with these people... and all the brainwashed, worthless, mindless Trump haters out there must make it all the less worthwhile for him as a MAN, as a HUMAN, as a PERSON. I just hope he stays strong... there's a lot of love out there for him too. This is the most serious time our country has ever faced.

10:30 she's absolutely right, 'space force' has been going on for decades...

14:00 essentially they're trying to thwart some type of threat.

14:45 very interesting.

17:00 she starts talking about viruses that can only be destroyed by fire.

25:35 I believe him about that.

30:30 she talks about the blue beam igniting fires.

Sounds like Trump is trying to ramp up Space Force FAST so it can combat a possible threat which is already targeting us at an off-planet level.

33:20 TV is disease... only fucking idiots watch that shit.

36:45 they're going to start buying up local papers for propaganda proliferation.

41:28 this lady is so sweet and I really appreciate her.

Check out that righteous wooden flag OMG awesomeee.

9:22 holy shit man. Dropping tear gas out of helicopters, killing people in their apartments... this shit is crazy.

What a shitstorm.

9:30 LMAO.

22:20 it's a massive land grab.

28:45 she talks about Chinese classroom facial recognition and surveillance capitalism.

She says that the Roger Stone issue is a diversion tactic.

2:40 she's right, it's censorship.

9:30 I think it's trolling too.

20:45 that's some creepy shit right there.

25:20 she addresses the "ebola scare" tactic.

3:50 LOL OMG... fuck all these people who are in bed together. Pathetic sockpuppet fucks.

8:20 Kamala Harris can't even legally be president. Her parents weren't citizens when she was born. She was technically a citizen of 3 different countries. Lawyers were never allowed to be politicians either per the constitution. Fuck these pieces of shit.

12:45 LMFAO what the actual fuck?

15:40 now Commiefornia wants to tax water, a basic human right, to pay for all the filthy illegal invaders who forced their way in from the southern border to spread their diseases and murderous cultures to America.

25:00 she addresses the disease and virus outbreaks which are manufactured in order to introduce deadly vaccines.

34:30 nice AJ shirt!!!

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