You Are Free TV: Odin's Eye, Snowden, Assange, QAnon, and the Deep State Takedown

She starts out talking about Roger Stone.

Lots of interesting stuff in this video.

33:00 she's right, it's true... racism is made up, it's fueled and encouraged by the media, that's where it came from.

38:50 I'm sure an illegal invader brought in the measles... one of the more pleasant sicknesses they'll be bringing into this country.

LOL I've noticed that the worse the news she has to tell us, the higher pitched her voice is at the beginning.

She's a nice lady but there's just no way you can deliver this shit nicely... this country is in trouble.

4:00 LOL @ the FaceTime third-party spying "glitch"... I fucking despise FaceTime and all other video calling software.

10:30 Kamala Harris, verified baby killing advocate... they want her to be the next president so that they can fight for their "right" to slaughter babies nationwide.

20:50 Kalama Harris's #1 donor is Google.

Here's the NaturalNews article she's talking about:

TL;DR the "Green New Deal" would kill food production in this country and send us into a downward spiral toward Venezuelan-style starvation.

My honest question is this...

If the Earth itself is a conscious entity and we are "extensions of the earth"... then along the same line of thought, couldn't it be argued that the earth itself is engineering this kill off of humanity, using humanity itself as the tool to do so?

Just saying.

6:46 sure sounds like a controlled kill to me. The "autopilot screwup" crash into the ol' barrier bit sounds like a convenient excuse.

7:40 LOL the pope is such a piece of shit.

15:06 re: Joan Baez a survivor of ritual abuse.

6:20 she touches on the "vegan conspiracy" now with AOC as a puppet for the "cause"...

They want us vegan, which is synonymous with sick and weak. Typical communism.

9:24 she discusses assassinations via the "devil's breath" zombie drug.

3:34 exactly.

This thumbnail says it all.

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