Bentinho Massaro: How To Use Parallel Realities and Shift Into an Alternate Universe
Fungus doesn't even know how to use the search box.

That's embarrassing.
(07-30-2018, 01:47 AM)MO Wrote: Fungus doesn't even know how to use the search box.

That's embarrassing.

MO can't even remember what she said yesterday.
I would rather not know how to use the search box lmao
That's why you're not a member...
(07-30-2018, 01:55 AM)MO Wrote: That's why you're not a member...

No im not a member because I was silly. And you bane me lmao
(07-30-2018, 01:55 AM)MO Wrote: That's why you're not a member...

(07-30-2018, 01:55 AM)MO Wrote: That's why you're not a member...

TrixxiePixxie stop being a SCORPIO!
(07-30-2018, 02:39 AM)Fungi Wrote: TrixxiePixxie stop being a SCORPIO!

Sit on my Lap?
Read the whole caption for full effect, but at least read the bottom part...



(Some of them are dudes! I bet Bentinho only accepts oral from them.)
I wonder which one of them he’s the most honest with?

Why don’t any of his women ever suck on one of those massive phallic cigars?

I found the subtitles at the beginning pretty interesting...

Wonder what the logic was behind adding those.

It's certainly not hard to understand WTF he's saying, so I can only assume it's for algorithmical reasons, or it really was just a central point they were attempting to solidify.

Sometimes Bentinho rubs me the wrong way, course grit style...

It's just his own personal ego that is the bothersome part every now and then.

He's not a man without issues or traumas which haunt him...

His method of dealing with it all, i.e. this teaching he puts out there, well it's certainly a positive way to do it.

The message is true...

The only part that isn't true that I've ever heard him say is that the idea is to go back into the seat of nothingness.

You dance around and coax the edge of nothingness, the precipice... the event horizon.

That's where you project from. That's where you program the matrix. You never STAY there.

The idea is never to be nothingness whilst existing... not only is it impossible, it's futile and will not be tolerated by All That Is.

I do dig the dude. Wouldn't wanna be in his inner circle... but at a distance and with some universal discernment, he's a good voice.

What he's talking about is a walking meditation. Definitely useful.

I didn't watch the whole video.

Bentinho “Cultboy” Massaro and his traveling harem.
It's so funny and heinously obnoxious that they even took pics of the pilots...


That new money though.

Like, God, what must those poor, legitimately sexy pilots think of these absolute fucking fruitloops??

What I've noticed about Bentinho's harem is that it's grown to include other dudes!!! LOL!!!

So my only question is, are these all really Bentinho's men, or are they just the residual boyfriends of the chicks who have newly joined Bentinho's harem and just haven't like, you know, broken off fully from their pesky BFs yet?
I mean those dudes in PARTICULAR...

I know some of the other guys in his harem (not pictured) are just his lovers and aren't attached to girlfriends...


In all seriousness though, you know things are about to reach a point of no return when the cult leader starts fucking dudes too.

I wonder what the hell happened to Bentinho to make him so dissociative.

He’s suggesting we’re “more than” consciousness... I guess he means we’re the void of nothingness? Woohoo! How exciting...


We BECAME conscious so we could escape the nothingness because feeling ANYTHING is better than being literally nothing!

I feel like these statements from Bentinho are straight up brainwashing and he uses it to shame his harem into feeling like they’re “caught up in being alive/conscious” whenever they get jealous of each other.

We’re here to live a human existence... we’re not here to relish in the nothingness that exists “beyond consciousness”. Bentinho has an imbalance.

I can relate to what he's saying. Seems like this does happen to some people around this age.

But there's always more to do... it's one of life's dichotomies.
I 100% agree with him for sure, that was a very important message.

This is what I've learned in my own life in the past year and yes it's a great feeling.

That's the chapter of life I'm embarking on.

Sometimes Bentinho really shines.

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