demonizing germans
I didn't think it was ok to demonize a group of people over and over again year after year without any proof .  

Isn't there laws  against character defamation    and inciting hatred  ??? 

I don't think a pile of old shoes and some recreated buildings count as evidence  

The supposed eyewitness account have been discredited as fraudsters looking for a payout 

I guess its ok then to smear people , attack their character and incite hatred  if this huge precedent is already set 

Look how many  attacks hollywood directors and producers have made on germans , well over 200 films :
Germans aren´t at risk from things people do or say in other countries, they´re at risk from what is happening in their own cities.

You can replace "Berlin" with any other city in Europe and Scandinavia that´s being flooded with non-Western immigrants and you´ll find the same thing.
The Germans are being fed a massive guilt complex by their own government. That's why globalization and mass immigration are shockingly successful there. Collective shame for WWII prevents Germans from pushing back. That, and it's often illegal to criticize government policies. Merkel accomplished through guilt what Hitler's war machine couldn't -- a totalitarian pan-European government. Fortunately the EU is headed for collapse as more people start having second thoughts about it.

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