Documentary: My Car Is My Lover

Damn, 1:05 that guy playing George is pretty fuckin' hot! Wishin' I was a Metro right about now!

3:29 well I meeean... there's worse shit the guy could be into! Hopefully the perversion really does just stop at cars, LMAO.

I'd like to know what the fuck happened to this freakin' guy when he was a kid, I mean. Okay I probably REALLY REALLY DON'T wanna know. Dude holy shit though I totally wanna know this guy's zodiac signs.

5:49... no words. LMAO.

WTF is it with weirdos and the VW Beetle!? Alex Jones even talks about this too, attributing Beetles to Ted Bundy and the like.

7:48 the guy fucked a helicopter.

The way this guy feels about cars is the way I feel about forums... ROFLMAO!

8:32... holy shit, the helicopter he jerked off on CRASHED AND EVERYBODY ON BOARD DIED. That's um... lil coincidental?!

9:38... is this guy watching PORNO of OTHER PEOPLE FUCKING CARS?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!??!?!1!?/1

What. The actual. Total. Fuck.

10:33 LMAO they're browsing MySpace.


13:35 look at the way he reacts when they ask him if he's interested in women. Look at his eyes and his body language... and it becomes pretty clear at 13:44 that this is a very intense motherfucker.

15:22 - 15:46 fuckin' wow.

15:56 HOLIEST of fucks.

19:23 I wonder if these guys didn't have mothers.

20:29 aaand it's at this juncture that I become legitimately creeped the fuck out.

30:58 that's very interesting. You can tell this guy really does sense some sort of energy from the cars and does perceive some sort of mutual communication with them when he's talking to them... very strange.

36:23 holy shit. This guy is basically raping the other guy's car.

37:42 OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE ITTT!!!!!!! THE GUY RANDOMLY CONFESSES THAT HE'S A SCORPIO!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Ask/receive. Fucking amazing, bwahahahahaha.

39:14 fuckin' wow, LMAO. Just wow.

40:07 holy shit, you can tell this guy is walking around with a massive hard-on right there.

41:16 OMG.

42:24 ROFLMAO Jordan can't drive worth a fuck.

44:46 LOL.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
@ 14:00 so the documentary guys thought it would be beneficial for the 'i am definitely not gay' kid to hook up with the older man

NAMBLA alert

at first glance it seems bizarre and the kid obviously needs to get over some girl who jilted him , i will keep watching only cuz its getting weird

@ 18:30 this guy fucks his car for real

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