I don't think Millie Weaver belongs on InfoWars...
I don't even necessarily dislike her...

But I don't exactly like her either.

It's the way she talks...

It just bothers me.

She seems pretty quick though, like when she's on-the-ground reporting, she's at least snappy enough.

She has a personality in those settings.

But in the studio and shit, I just don't like her.

I mean if InfoWars wants hot blonde chicks...

There are plenty of them out there...


I don't really like her that much either just because her shit is all scripted...

I like her more than Millie though.

Too bad Lauren Southern is secured with The Rebel. She's awesome and hot as fuck.

Why do they have to bring Millie into the studio??

Why can't they just keep her out in the field reporting or something.

I just don't dig it.

I don't think the other InfoWars chicks really like her either...

The last damn thing you want to do is bring in some chick that the other chicks don't even like that much.

It'll fuck up the entire vibe. 

Bleh... Millie doesn't belong.

Keep her out on the scene or just let her do her own thing with an endorsement every now and then or something.

For real.
Brittany Pettibone and her twin sister (FUCKING TWINNNSSS), hot as fuck...

Why isn't she working for InfoWars???

Come ON.

Millie appears later in this vid.

The way she talks is just so...


I dunno, it's like she just SOUNDS like a bitch.

I'm not saying she IS a bitch. She just sounds like one.

I just don't dig it at all.
Take Lee Ann and Margaret for example...

They are calm chicks.

The way they talk is good...

Margaret speaks with a lot of conviction, you can tell she really cares about things.

Lee Ann has a nice voice. She's a nice chick. She's really good at interviewing and talking to people.

Millie though...

She just sounds mean and aggressive.

I wonder if she is half deaf or something.

It's not an insult, it's something I genuinely wonder...

It's like she lacks some kind of volume or tone control over her voice.

Meh, just meh. Not team Millie at all.


She might be a bitch.

She's got that whole neck wiggle going on when she's talking.

She sounds so aggressive.

She reminds me of a "popular girl" in high school who would totally bully you, like get all up in your face and tell you you're ugly and shit.

Honest thoughts here.

To me, that's who Millie is.


She's so loud and aggressive.

I don't want to watch her on InfoWars. And I don't want to NOT WANT TO watch InfoWars.


Just dammit... dammit.

And she's got a shitty look on her face most of the time.

Margaret and Lee Ann don't have that problem.
Oh look...

She has a Model Mayhem account.



She wanted to be a HAIR MODEL and do product endorsements.

Gag. GAG.

So here she is with all the InfoWars supplements doing just that...


*triple facepalm*

If I was her I'd be pissed about how extra fake they made me look in that pic but I digress... I guess.

She does have the cutest baby ever though.
I didn't know she had a babychild. SO CUTE.

So cute.

So that means maybe she won't be on the show regularly because she has to take care of the baby, right?

That's good. Maybe there's hope.
Whoa. She even posted an Insta of her breastfeeding.

Okay I'm out.

Nuff said.
(02-03-2017, 07:02 PM)MO Malone Wrote:

And I mean actually...

The whole message of that video is a little bit... call-to-action-y.

Check this out:


Alex says "she wanted to work with us 5 or 6 years ago". She did some reports "they didn't have time to edit" and whatnot.


I bet she wanted to work with you.
I mean just look at her face in that YT thumbnail. Who the fuck wants to watch a video with some chick snarling at them. Do you fucking ever see Lee Ann or Margaret look that way in their video stills?? Fuck no. Nobody wants to listen to a mean chick rant and rave whilst snarling and basically yelling. It's not inviting. We don't watch chicks on InfoWars for this. And there's nothing Millie can do to be better either... she's not likable. It's easier to avoid videos of her on the scene reporting, but for the love of all things sacred, keep her the hell out of the studio.

Look how pissed she is in that thumbnail.

She's got her hand in a fist and everything.

Looks like the kinda chick who would break a nail beating you up and then get all mad because she broke her nail on you and keep beating you up more.

Alex has been a little too... provocative lately. Calling people his 'soldiers'. Man I mean... if I was him I'd be doing just the opposite right now and dialing back on that sort of rhetoric. It's a hairy time...

That doesn't mean be weak, it doesn't mean anything besides be smart and strategic about your wording and what exactly you're trying to instill in people.

Hell even Stefan made a video the other day all somber and shit about "Maybe the time for arguments (discussion) is over." I'm thinking, don't be such a fucking drama queen.

Don't get your knickers in a twist, folks. How hard is that??

At least Paul Joseph Watson isn't jumping on the bandwagon with this super "action-y" talk...

I am gonna be really disappointed if I hear that out of him. SOMEBODY in the InfoWars operation needs to keep their head on straight and not act like they're in the battlefield right now.

They need to be ABOVE the battlefield. They need to be ABOVE being PAWNED like that.

I feel like they're falling into a trap, and every word out of Millie's mouth is acidic bitch spew.

How weird is it that they have her in the studio and her debut in this year and this current paradigm is all "fighty"?? And she "wanted to work for InfoWars for 5 or 6 years"... ummm, I'd be suspicious. Where is Alex's super paranoia at when it actually fucking counts??

Suspicious as fuck of Millie.

And even Lauren Southern with The Rebel came out in a video the other day and said the same kind of shit... she was smarter about it than the rest have been though, in my honest opinion. She was saying "fight back" if someone "throws a punch" metaphorically or physically. That's just common sense...

But what Alex and this Millie bitchface (I am still trying to refrain from simply calling her an outright bitch) are spouting is... not reactionary, it's just incentivized.

I do not like it... how much more clear can I really make it?

How about getting the respectable, well spoken, smiling faced (and even prettier than Millie Weaver) fine as heck Kiara Robles to work for InfoWars?

Seriously, Kiara Robles is smart, she laughs and stuff, she's good on camera. She seems nice and down to earth. Come on.

Aaand Margaret Howell leaves InfoWars!

Just proof that I was right.

RSB is lucky to have Margaret, and they are a great alternative to InfoWars.

If Alex keeps shitting all over his operation, the baton will be handed over to RSB and he'll be in their shadow.

Straighten up or miss the boat, Jones.
Here's the other chick who I was trying to think of but couldn't remember, she'd be 1000000x better than Millie and she's way prettier:

At this point though, I'm a little wary of recommending promising up and comers to be associated with InfoWars because I really just don't know if InfoWars is gonna go down hard like a cheap hooker or not. Wouldn't want anyone's reputation to be sullied by associating with them.
Margaret left because Millie fucked up the entire vibe just like I said she would. I saw a thumbnail with Lee Ann yesterday and she looks like shit is taking a toll on her too. Millie has fucked everything up. It's nothing personal, some people just suck... it's not her fault, it's Alex's fault. Bad judgement, bad dynamic.
If Millie should be doing ANY WORK for InfoWars it should be modeling or some shit... hand her a bottle of Super Female and don't fucking photoshop her so much for God's sake. Or like I said, just keep her out in the field reporting. Like... she is SO NOT CUT OUT for being in the studio. Dude... I bet SHE doesn't even like it. I'm serious. I bet SHE doesn't even like it.

And when all the other chicks get tired of Millie being there and LEAVE, and then Millie doesn't even wanna be there anymore?!?! Come on Alex. COME ONNNNNNN.

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