MO to become easter bunny
As i lay here stroking my warm sausage the only girl on my mind is MO . She is putting on a sleek white onesy that has a nice soft tail we can all grab as she giggles and hops around the basement. Everybody wants a piece of the yummy bunny , eill you or me become the lucky fellow that finds her chocolate eggs... Or even a giant tootsie roll
I just wanted to let everybody know that me and MO werr patients at Harrogate Psychiatric Hospital , it is a forensic facility filled with the most deviant and criminal mental cases. She never told me why they locked her up but apparently she claimed some animated teddy bears told her to go murder somebody . Really a nice chatty gal just watch her around the cutlery . Doctors finally released her after 4 years and many private sessions of therapy . I still pray for her and hope she never snaps again.
Wow Brendan, way to go telling off my shit!?

Now everybody’s gonna be able to find out my true identity!!!

Harrogate wasn’t so bad, but I sure don’t miss the powdered eggs!!!

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