MO, show us your tats
I always wanted to see her provocative artwork  displayed upon her fine ass and tits  .  

Surely you must have a racy little black rose between your thighs ? 

An artful trampstamp  on the lower back ?  

Perhaps a pierced clitoris  where you can place that golden T  so you influence voting  in  2020 ,thats a lot of eyeballs in a few years ! 

Cmon girl give us something to gaze upon as we toss the salad

Homie don’t play that.
She's ashamed of her "Property of Bubba" tramp stamp. As well she should be. The filthy skank!
Should I sent someone to deal with Kenny? Or will he just die anyway?
Tattoos restrict you to certain timelines...

(12-20-2017, 01:12 AM)MO Wrote: If you get a tattoo of Jane's name on your arm, you can basically never exist in any timeline where Jane doesn't exist.

So when Jane dumps you and assfucks your heart, breaks it into 1000 shattered pieces and lights it on fire and then shits on the roasted bits of your heart...

You're trapped in the timelines where Jane existed.

Rather than being able to jump timelines to where the bitch didn't even exist and you were never even together, you're stuck in timelines where Jane and you have a past.

Bad fucking idea.

Apply that logic to anything you might get a tattoo about.

It's restrictive in a whole lot of ways.
So true. Nothing says "Generation X slut" like a lower back tattoo. lolololol

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