MO are you homo ?
A lot of people say you are really a dude  

You lust after old men  

scary , imma have a shower

if you are a real blonde female i think you have a few little tats like this instructor
I am straighter than an arrow, Kenny...

I love men like a fat kid loves Twinkies and soda.

Re: tats, I have a tiny one on my foot, which I put there myself in 2012.

It’s an ellipsis, my personal favorite punctuation and that of a few of my admired writers from eras gone past.
To me, the ellipsis implies a level of psychic communication, signifies the unsaid, the implied...

The idea is that it covers all statements that could ever be made, and therefore eliminates the relevance of any other tattoo that could be thought of.

It was my way of experiencing all aspects of the tattoo process, receiving, giving, healing, etc. It means all things and nothing at the same time, therefore rendering all other tattoo concepts irrelevant.
But no, I would never be homo.

To me, sexual attraction is intellectual foremost.

Beyond that, it is very physical and wholly centered upon a man’s ability to dominate my body.
She is a homo only in the sense of being a member of the species Homo Sapiens. And that, is that :)

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