The Tardigrada Water Bear
I find these things pretty fascinating...

They look mechanical or just somehow ‘designed’.

They look like something that would hold water and has a screw-on lid.

Or like they attach to something by the mouth.
They´re kinda cute.
Yeah, it’s cute...

But it looks...

Suspiciously formed.

I dunno how else to put it.
I find it cool you can fling them into space and they´ll survive. Put them in a rock and crash into another planet... They´ll live there. Then hopefully they might evolve into something more exciting lol.

But yeah I get what you mean about how they´re formed. They almost look like they were made in a factory. Mass produced life.

Maybe that´s how God did it? Hm.
maybe micro organisms are fake , just another tool to keep us all in fear

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