Trump Has Been ‘Compromised’, Full Stop REPLACED with CGI
Sad Nana 

I typically don’t get into conspiratard shit like this these days BUT DAMN.

This looks fake, and it certainly doesn’t look like TRUMP. 

What do I mean? I mean it’s too PERFECT.

Look at his mouth when he’s talking.

Look at his eyes, EVERYONE is pointing out he looks ‘soulless’ or ‘possessed’ or ‘mind controlled’.

Well if it’s CGI, they won’t be able to replicate the eyes... they can’t give ‘the spark’ to a lifeless program, and they definitely can’t recreate one that is already well known. 

Where’s the real Trump?
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Check out the coordination of movement between the eyes and the mouth...

0:12. Looks unbelievably fake. Strange movements around 0:40 too.

Around 1:00, look how he says “We thank them both”... he looks like some kinda evil Trump version, like some kinda straight up clone put in for evil purposes.

1:16 look at the movement of the sleeve on his right arm.

2:06 look how he tries to emote in the eye region when he says that... I’ve NEVER seen Trump do some shit like that.

2:17, the blinking/eye movement and enunciation coordination is all off.

2:35 check out his eyes and forehead movement during that whole statement. Things are just out of synch, or altogether misplaced.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
really gettting pissed off. i've been studying deepfakes and that off the shelf changer for a while. that stuff does have limitations, however none of the head movements from that video are the type to expose them. that being said, that video is clearly fucked. note it is possible to use chemicals/frequencies/techniques to disassociate a soul from a body, and the end result looks just like that vid.

there have been numerous videos and infographics released exposing how this was a staged hoax. 4chan got taken down for many hours friday, and i suspect that had something to do with this. i know 4ch's reputation is deservedly terrible, but people have absolutely no fucking clue how important that site is and what it's done, created, and spread. in between all the gore, dick picks, nonsense, and faggot shit is a worldwide group of people that have tirelessly worked to expose all the world's bullshit. more manpower and money has been spent to try to tame that uncontrollable beast than any other site. i suspect the good guys feeding trump info get a lot of it from there.

also, mike adams is gettin fat. cmon, health ranger.
rhombus will set you free
There’s nothing that exposes the CGI in that video (obvious glitches etc), it’s more about the erroneous timing on a lot of the eye area and mouth area coordination. It’s also about texture, depth, lighting, etc. the video is whack. Even with Trump considered as an actor (reality TV etc), it doesn’t explain some of this weird eye/mouth coordination that doesn’t even have an emotional correspondence. It’s like they were trying to invent emotions or something entirely new with this... they were trying to make connections that don’t even exist.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
I felt this as Trump trying to be overly "feeling" about the missile strikes. He does not do coached speaking well. The reason we perceive it to be so weird is that he typically doesn´t do bullshit speeches and especially no acting, and here he is trying to gain support for a strike he knows a large portion of his voter base don´t agree with so he does that weird coached shit with the eyes.

I hope he realizes how off it seemed and doesn´t do it again.
All excellent points, Crille... absolutely.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Watch artificial intelligence create a 3D model of a person—from just a few seconds of video

i can't help but notice the pose they have people do is very close to the pose they have people do with those TSA scanners. public announcement of this tech implies they've had it behind the scenes for at least a decade.

celebs and bigwigs do a lot of traveling. i reckon just about all of them got scanned by the TSA. ergo they can CGI the vast majority of them. voice modulation / synth became ...not photorealistic, auralrealistic? in the early 00s. i had a voice mod from public software that no one could distinguish as mod'd, even people that knew my voice very well didn't recognize me. it required a small amount of tweaking, but after that no one published HQ voice mod software.
rhombus will set you free
It could be CGI. Maybe they did a trial run first with that YouTube shooter chick to see if the public would buy it.

I'm guessing the deep state, pentagon and CIA have all kinds of brainwashing technology they use on people as a means to an end. 

Trump's really done a 180 flip and there is no other explanation unless they just outright threatened him and his family.
I disagree, he hasn't been replaced, same trumpy, just the bitches with more money than him have told him how its going to be.

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