Think about all the creatures who live inside the earth...
There are all kinds of creatures who live all throughout the earth, and yes it’s all relative...

But from our perspective, these creatures live INSIDE the earth.

In the dirt, underground, in tunnels, in caverns, somehow they live under there surrounded by all the weight of the dirt and the rocks.

Think about worms and how soft they are... yet they live in the dirt, under the rocks, etc.
And then there’s also this:
Yeah its true the Earth is a living thing I have come to find this is actually true its like a spaceship we are on moving through the universe
When you look into what the earths mantle is its like a churning event horizon. Also watch the movie Sunshine from 2007 splains a bit about it.
Yeah that’s an excellent point Fungus, goes along with the toroidal field concept and the idea that the core of the planet is a miniature sun.

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