I feel sorry for Prince Harry having to marry someone he feels nothing for...
I’ve discussed it before in this thread: 


Some relevant quotes:

(11-28-2017, 05:09 PM)Trix Wrote: Meghan and Harry's compatibility is FUCKING atrocious. There is no actual connection between these two. It's not fair... William ended up with a much better deal... his compatibility with Kate is absolutely stellar and must be a blessing in an otherwise oppressive life.

Yes, I just called life as a royal oppressive, and if you don't understand that, pull your head out of your ass... they are basically the most unlucky, unhappy people on the fucking planet.

(11-28-2017, 05:58 PM)Trix Wrote: I'm talking bio compatibility (math) and astrologically...

They are just not compatible at all.

Meghan seems fake as shit in interviews with her and Harry.

It's... not believable at all.

(12-11-2017, 06:10 PM)Trix Wrote: I saw this at the store, LMAO!!!


They literally have the WORST astrological compatibility, like I posted about above...

So I just find the “stars aligned” statement ESPECIALLY hilarious.

My question is, what with such an obviously loveless, totally fabricated romance...

Who will be Harry’s real lover? Who’s really gonna be keeping Harry warm at night?
He’s trying to be such a sport about it too.
I mean of course his life undoubtedly depends on it, but still.
And he’s gonna have to have children with her too, poor guy.
Now don’t get me wrong, 90% of the public who are paying attention to this stupid story are totally convinced they really love each other.

I’m sure Harry is doing the best he can, and it’s working for most people paying attention. I’m just a fluke.
(I don’t want Harry to get punished for failing to be convincing enough.)
I hope Harry finds a mistress he can enjoy true happiness with.

Maybe he already has one?
Perhaps maybe he’ll even be able to father children he can really care about with his mistress.
They must be hoping that the progeny who come from this union will be tumultuous and void of any type of emotional union which was shared between the parents, therefore causing the progeny to be emotionally vacant.
Why am I so dismissive of Meghan and how she feels in this situation? Because it’s Harry who’s getting fucked, it’s Harry who won’t be satisfied. Meghan’s ass will be kissed from now on, nothing but prided and made a fuss over. Harry is the one who will have no fun left to him besides what’s done in secret with (hopefully) his many pleasing mistresses. Meghan probably doesn’t even care about the romance aspect of things... but if she did I’m sure she could have her flings too.

I mean in no way whatsoever do they look even remotely ‘right’ together on any level.
I always liked Harry

Guess that's what they do to the redheaded stepchild
Dancing Banana 
Yeah he’s pretty hot.

Hey Harry, if you need a couple of chaste mistresses, Kitty and I are available!
Prince “Phat Uncut D” Harry.
(04-14-2018, 10:22 AM)Trix Wrote: https://peopledotcom.files.wordpress.com...han-15.jpg

I mean in no way whatsoever do they look even remotely ‘right’ together on any level.

They have identical noses. So, a physical similarity brought them together, as it does with most non online unions. people tend to gravitate to someone who is somewhat of a mirror image of them.
But maybe she is really a bloke and he likes taking a slamming up the shitter?
Or maybe its actually his illigitimate sister hes been fucking since they were kids?
Aaaand she's knocked up:

It looks like she's wearing padding or some shit.

I'm like 2 months late on this news...

But let's be honest, it's because no one cares.

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