personal groomer
trix i want to apply for the job of being your personal body groomer 

not sure what your living situation is but i am very discreet

my duties would include  :  

 turning on your shower and bath every morning and evening , 

scrubbing you down from all the love juices and bacteria and viruses ,

towering you off gingerly taking care to finesse the crotch and underboob areas, 

shaving a nice landing strip and inspecting for any untoward extra bodily hair 

moisturizing your entire body with french body creams including lubing your ass. 

This would all be done with diligence and respect  but I do expect  $40 every week for supplies  , sorry love.
Okay all that sounds fine except for the butt lube and the landing strip.

When can you get here?
I have sensitive skin.
trix i wanna massage you  also  , please honey  i have large strong yet delicate hands  to rub you down and soothe you , so nice baby 

i wanna make you moan and groan and  release all your sexual energies  , you are so lustful and need a daily rubdown  and sexual healing
I will allow you to give me the sensual massage.

I have the coconut oil prepared...

I will blend up raspberries to mix into it and you can paint me red and then lick my body.
Don't shave her pubes asshole or ill come for ye
I need to see your pubes I mean you are blonde so am I but my pubes are darker blonde. Only my neice has absolute white hair although ive never seen her pubes eewwwwwww
“I need to see your pubes”...
(04-15-2018, 07:34 AM)Trix Wrote: “I need to see your pubes”...

Oooooooh you touch my tra la la ooooohhhhh my ding ding dong!

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