Vince and Noelle: Van Living, Stealth Camping

Vince seems happier in this video.

Dyeing wood with clothing dye... that's interesting.

You'd think these vids would get Vince some decent views.

There's too much in that little place already.

Did Grace ditch the apartment? Are they living there now?

That's pretty exciting.

Grace is a good hearted chick, cute chick... I like her, she is good.

3:13 I like seeing the wood grain.

Awe look at that smile from Vince.

Wishing these two the best. I think they did the right thing.
Part of me feels bad for saying this, but then again part of me understands that these folks are volunteering to put their lives out on the internet for every to look at. So...

Does anyone want to make a prediction as of September 2018, where both of these couples will be in one year? Both of these couples meaning Vince and Grace and Noelle and Jeff.

Both couples right now are projecting a very satisfied and happy lifestyle. To some degree, Noelle seems to be promoting her “man of my dreams / soulmate” relationship with Jeff more so than Vince, but then again guys don’t usually do that. Vince and Grace, from what I can tell in the few YouTube interactions they have posted in the recent month seem like a more normal couple. I mean, yeah, they are planning to live in a tool trailer, but more down to earth and mature. More quiet-hearted. Noelle and Jeff seem more of a “rock-and-roll” couple, maybe a little more into partying than Vince and grace? Again, who really knows. A lot of Noelle’s Facebook photos have feature her and Jeff drinking what appears to be beer, but then again they also have photos of them on bikes and stuff, plus gigging around with their “show”, so they definitely don’t seem like people who are just messed up all the time.

So, again, any takers for where these two couples will be by September 2019? I think the reason I am curious is because I see parts of myself in both Noelle and Vince, and I can relate to some of their struggles with relationships. I am wondering what others might think of their current relationship dynamics and what the future might hold.
Dude I have no idea but I dig your psychological take on stuff, it's useful.

I think Noelle could be subject to feeling the itchy feet sensation, wanting to go somewhere new and do something different... within like 6 months. It usually doesn't take longer than that.

As for Grace and Vince... their biggest issue will be living in a small space together. I'd say they're the less likely relationship to pull through... not Noelle and Jeff.

I'm not talking shit either... I really like Vince and Grace as people. But I don't know that most folks can live like that so closely knit together when they're not married and there's really nothing psychologically tying them to each other to make them have to try harder.

I think Noelle and Jeff are just weird enough to work out, but not without some outbursts from Noelle... history repeats itself.

All I've seen so far with Grace and Vince is a tinge of criticism on a 'preferences' level, like for example with Vince washing clothes in buckets, or building his own shower instead of just getting a shower... these are the kind of things that turn into bitterness and downright dislike between people in relationships. That's the only reason I say Vince and Grace might not last another year... because living in a place like that is gonna put it all to the test and there may be too little incentive to continue on.

What am I hoping for?

Well I'm hoping Grace and Noelle get knocked the fuck up and spit out some babies before it's too late (if it isn't already).

Did you by any chance read Vince's "sex book"? I bought a copy and found it rather bland, but perhaps semi-useful. I'd like to hear a woman's opinion on it / about it.

Why are you so obsessed with one of these couple's having a baby? What's that all about? Do you really think either of these couples with this type of lifestyle need to add kids to the mix? Neither couple seems to be the slightest bit interested in babies. I think Vince said in once of the earlier videos that Grace was away visiting her kids in another state. I believe it was one of the early videos in the trailer / tiny house series. Correct me if I'm wrong. If she does have kids, I wonder what that situation is, and why she doesn't have custody? I mean they could be off at college, its hard to tell how old she is.


The Same Guest
Because crankin’ out babies is a tale as old as time itself...

Noelle will never truly be “settled” until she reproduces.

Let us never forget the only drive and focus of sexual attraction between a man and a woman is reproduction.

Pleasure is the dangling carrot... the trick.

Noelle will regret not having children someday, even if she stonewalls and claims not to.

As for Grace, I can’t even tell how old she is, and I’m just not that familiar with her, so really I don’t care if she reproduces or not.

I love babies, babies are the future, team babies for win.
Say what you want about their lifestyle, but you can’t let that kinda stuff hold you back from reproducing.

My grandma was born one of 10 kids in a shack... they all shared a featherbed on the living room (the only room) floor and parents slept in the loft.

There’s no excuse not to reproduce.

This is kinda making me fucking horny.

2:11 I like how Grace just took charge right there...

She just comes up on him and she's like take this fucking camera, I'm gonna smooth over this fucking epoxy.
Funny what you say about reproduction, as most women I meet in the 27-35 year age range do not want kids, they want happy hours and Master’s Degrees and fancy condos and dogs. Maybe this is an east coast thing?

Anyway, I’ve been watching Vince’s most recent videos and it seems like he is kinda depressed. Like there is a heavy cloud of sadness over him. Maybe it’s just because he works all day and then comes home to build his trailer? Who knows. They are up to video 17 now in this series. I wonder what kind of videos he will make once the build is done? Like, I wonder if he will showcase his tiny house lifestyle in videos?
(09-21-2018, 02:06 PM)Guest Wrote: Funny what you say about reproduction, as most women I meet in the 27-35 year age range do not want kids, they want happy hours and Master’s Degrees and fancy condos and dogs.

I am 28, and prior to age 25, I was repulsed by the concept of having children...

Then a switch flipped.


Now I love babies and children and can think of little else besides reproduction.

I find it hard to believe that the women in said age range do not want to have children...

I have my doubts that there is any media/society brainwashing powerful enough to override the PHYSICAL desire that takes place as time starts to tick down in the female's reproductive years.

Maybe they are simply lying.

I stopped desiring men for mere sexual encounters for pleasure... now I think "Would I want to have his child?" And if the answer is no, I won't give him any more thought.

I've had very few sexual partners, and they have never been without deep meaning to me... these were all people I really adored and believed in. Things just didn't pan out for one reason or another.

But as time goes by, I am more and more unwilling to entertain the concept of exposing myself to anyone who I'm not absolutely certain I'd want to reproduce with. It's just not about fun, it's not about pleasure... it's not even about romance. It's about makin' babies.

LOL! It's a hard position to be in, I'm not gonna lie. To be a woman who feels this way at this juncture, it's not enviable in any capacity. And it's only going to get worse from here.

Intellect is what I look for in men. My deepest fantasy is to have the lovechild of a genius man. Nothing is more arousing than intelligence. However I do feel there's a very necessary place for physical attraction. I think the more physically attracted you are to someone, the more likely you are to reproduce with them, see this post for a deeper explanation:

Anyway, enough about me and my fantasies.

(09-21-2018, 02:06 PM)Guest Wrote: Anyway, I’ve been watching Vince’s most recent videos and it seems like he is kinda depressed.

I honestly kinda feel like that's just the way Vince is. Like that's just his personality.

(09-21-2018, 02:06 PM)Guest Wrote: Like, I wonder if he will showcase his tiny house lifestyle in videos?

Surely to God he will, I mean what's the point of making these vids otherwise? He deserves more views.

This footage is like 2 weeks old...

Wonder what the progress is now.

Pretty smart way of making drawers.
Interesting what you say about a switch “flipping” for you at age 28. I’m just a little past 40, and in my early 30’s a switch for me flipped the other way - I stopped wanting to have anything to do with women, or romance at all for that matter. I have had several long-term relationships with women that have for the most part been fulfilling, and yes, I have been in love. But about 8 years ago, I started picking up on things in relationships in general that turned me off to the whole idea of being in them.

For instance, I started to notice that if I noticed a woman coming onto me, or parading herself in my vicinity at a party for instance - that if I dug a little into her recent personal history there was very likely to be a break-up or some infidelity that affected her. I continued to notice this trend over a period of years. Like in a period of 3-4 years, 3-4 women “danced” across the stage of my life. All at different times and in different settings. While the women were all unique in their own right, the patterns of neglect and infidelity and hyper-charged sexual “passions” they alluded to having (for me) were all the same. I usually only had to ask a few questions to obtain the assurance I needed. Had I been willing to just accept their advances, and do the mental “bingo!” exclamation, I probably could have had some hot one night or maybe 3-4 month “stands” with these women, and then they would have drifted away. But I wasn’t interested in that, so I let them dance by.

I have yet to encounter a safe, sane and realistically and wholesomely impassioned women! Lol! I wonder if they really exist? Maybe my problem is me. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I must give off the wrong vibes, but I don’t know how to change. It’s sad to admit, but I must just attract this type of women. And I feel doomed to continue unless I change myself.
Follow up thought: it’s actually not that good of a way to build drawers. Unless he is milling the drawer face to accept the three sides he is creating, the drawers will not likely hold much weight. I’ve done this sort of stuff before. On cosmetic items there are lots of possible approaches, but on simple structural elements there are usually one or two ways that are time tested and proven, and regarding drawers Vince’s approach is not the norm. I hope they hold together for him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has to repair them in the future, or remake them altogether. Especially if they move this house any distance with the drawers filled with contents...
Sounds like you're fine, to me...


I'm sorry but I really don't know that the 'sane' women actually exist.

Maybe they do somewhere...

But all the hormones, mixed with societal conditioning, have created a monster out of the unstable force that the female naturally is.

Regardless of anything else you can be sure you're doing exactly what you're meant to do in life right now... we can't escape our destiny.

We must fulfill ourselves, we must make ourselves happy... nothing outside of ourselves can truly fulfill these needs. This is why there are so many broken people out there trying to find someone else to depend on. Because they don't understand that they have to be their own pillar.
Regarding your switch flipping suddenly, and recently: think about the long term effects on your life if you react to fulfill this desire now.

The hyper focus on children sounds a bit dysfunctional. If you’re that focused on just that aspect of your “reproductive” life, I think you’ll miss a lot of other things along the way. A more balanced view of the different layers of life and the complexities of relationships is, in my opinion, the key to long term happiness.

If you were to have kids now and not vet the prospective father properly, he may disappear or worse once the kids are gone. OK, sure you could raise the kids on your own, but is that the best for them - or you? Ok, sure, you could meet a man down the road who might want to help you raise the kid(s), and perhaps add more to the mix. Yeah, all that goodness is possible. But I think the prevailing wisdom suggests that it’s probably easier to raise kids with two active parents (regardless of sex, but that’s another issue) and who better to raise kids than the natural birth parents, assuming they are not total degenerate criminals or severely mentally ill.

Buzzkill? I’m sure it is. And it sounds like you have thought about this and probably already have thought about the specific things I mentioned, but just for the heck of it, I went ahead and said it anyway.

I agree with your statement that people need to be their own pillar, to stand on their own two feet. Very true. I’d go a step further and say that people who are best equipped to walk through life goes way are probably the best relationship partners because they can truly add something to their partner’s life without selfishly draining energy and by contributing their fair share to make things work.
Well I'm obviously fucked in the head, look at the other threads on this site...


You're absolutely right.

But being totally nuts and everything else never stopped anybody from reproducing.

I have about 10 years left for viable reproduction...

That's not very long and I am merely starting to think about it from every angle.

It's time to think about it...

Bottom line.
Guest , the last thing we want for trix is to remain barren . We dont want her overthinking this ...let the offspring come forthwith into this realm. Rosemarys baby part 2(uncut)
I only want to read this thread; the others are wormholes I don’t want to go down

Based on your observations / responses / reactions to Vince and Noelle in this thread, I’d say you’re probably a lot more sane and down to earth than you want to give yourself credit for...for whatever twisted reason.

You are right, you do have a timeframe it’s good to always be thinking about. We wouldn’t be here if someone else hadn’t been thinking about (and eventually acting on their impulses) a couple of short decades ago.
I'm glad to see a woman Trix's age being completely honest about her desire to reproduce. When I was that age it was like I felt ashamed of my own true nature and biological clock. Having babies was something I pretended I didn't want but I really did!

Now that I'm more informed, I know that I was just a victim of Marxist social engineering and the goal to destroy traditional roles and family.

It is very obvious to me now, but back then it was not. That is why Feminism was created--it was a social agenda to increase income tax revenue and to lower the birth rates in an effort to depopulate. And it worked.

Trix is very wise for her age. I think people can be happy with or without kids and honestly think I was happier before I had kids (personal happiness that is), but it is still something we are biologically programmed to want.
(09-25-2018, 04:37 AM)Kitty Wrote: Now that I'm more informed, I know that I was just a victim of Marxist social engineering and the goal to destroy traditional roles and family.

Well said...

Slow Clap

(09-25-2018, 04:37 AM)Kitty Wrote: I think people can be happy with or without kids and honestly think I was happier before I had kids (personal happiness that is), but it is still something we are biologically programmed to want.

That is very interesting and I always highly value this type of honesty/insight.

1:17 spent two hours trying to get the sewing machine to work... Vince has gun oil?? FOR WHAT!?


2:07 Vince is so Italian.

I think he's great at making videos and always has been though.



4:04 I don't understand the point of upholstering the bed thingy.

The cargo trailer doesn't really look that small. Just looks like a normal room. There are some things that take up a lot of space that I really wouldn't have in there. Still great though.

It's interesting they went with a teal color on a lot of stuff.

Meaning of the color teal...

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