Vince and Noelle: Van Living, Stealth Camping
Yeah, “forces you to grow”...hmm. I feel like Noelle views relationships like extended, live-in therapy sessions. That’s not my idea of a good relationship. I have been in some intense relationships like this and all I can say in hindsight is that they kind of suck.

I have tried being someone else’s therapist and in some situations people have tried to be mine as a way to get closer to me. Give me a good looking girl I can take home to family and also spend the day with doing nothing and I’m happy. I would not want to wake up every day listening to the kind of self-absorbed crap that Noelle constantly spews in her coffee time videos. If did not like Noelle doing coffee time with a defeated looking Vince just agreeing with her that their journey is painful and full of teachable moments. I just don’t want stuff to be that deep. Sure, I like to encourage and be encouraged from time to time, but if I am ever in a relationship where I get up and look at some crazy-eyed woman trying to tell me that it’s her truth that that our relationship was a teachable moment to move her onto the next plane of consciousness, I will be like good, have fun up there, because I’m outta here...

If a person wants / needs therapy they should go get that and save their lighthearted, romantic and friendly energy for someone they want to love, not use as a stepping stone. Yes, I am guilty of this as well, but seeing Noelle and Vince’s life helps me to better see the flawed premise in this relational style.
(10-08-2018, 10:57 PM)Guest Wrote: Noelle doing coffee time with a defeated looking Vince just agreeing with her that their journey is painful and full of teachable moments.


Reminds me of this...
Yep - yuck. That’s not love. That’s using others as your personal shrink. Ever notice how she constantly uses the work “work” or “on a journey” as it relates to men? She should just get therapy and stay “single”
if that’s how she views it. You could see the same themes of “doing work”, the new guy being a “teacher” and someone who “shows her her darker sides.”

Yeah be close to someone, but don’t expect them to be your healer-guru and don’t try to be that for them. And stop trying to make it seem like your road is the higher road, because I just see it as a justification for being a manipulative person and someone who cannot commit, shrouded in mystical even religious language. That’s me talking to Noelle - my revelations of what she is doing is really turning me off to her whole way of life. And the whole way of life for anyone man or woman, who tries to act like this in relationships with other people.
Wow she makes relationships sound so fucking clinical its really bothersome . like who thinks of relationships as ' succrssfull' ? She could be discussing how to clean teeth she is so removed and cold, fuckyou noelle go back to daddys basement

I agree with a lot of what Noelle says...

The only thing she's said or done that I don't agree with is sleeping around and maybe a few things about some weird emotionally manipulative super sheeple movies and videos she's tried to show support for in the past.

I mean I definitely don't agree with her about everything...

But most of her outlook, I actually do agree with.
So I’m not the same “guest” who posted #944, but I’m the guest who posted the wedding video from Vimeo. But now I see I’m not the only one who is put off by Noelle’s thinking.

And just to be clear it’s not just Noelle’s approach I don’t like, it’s Vince’s as well. And I genuinely feel a degree of sorrow and empathy for both of them. As a guy in my early 40’s who has never been married, and who has had several long term relationships that have not lead to marriage, I understand that at some point you need to look at yourself and start asking hard questions. You need to go into (and out of) relationships with a degree of introspection and a desire to learn about yourself and pick up on the lessons that your partner might be teaching you, even if the lessons are coming at you inadvertently or by circumstance.

However, to both men and women I would say this: be very wary of a relationship partner that treats you like a personal counselor, esp if they seem in awe of your “teachings”. Many times, that is a manipulation technique to make you feel awesome or of inflated importance. Anyone being overly charming or overly needy is someone to stay away from. Stay away from people who view relationships as teachable moments, esp if they seem to openly enjoy the painful teachable moments, like them realizing they are free from you and have this idea that “the universe” has awoken them to a new stage of sexual freedom with other partners as a result of you being their “rock” or “teacher” and showing them their pain which is now to be healed by a third party’s genitals, lol!

Damn! Don’t get me started. I’d rather have a woman that says to me “you’re a jackass sometimes, but you’re good to me and I’m sticking with you”, than one that says “you’re my soul mate, you show me god , a light shone on you when you spoke to me, higher power energy brought you to me to expose my tender soul to Higher Truth and Wisdom, as I am on a journey of learning and each rock in my life has been a stepping stone for me on my higher quest of merging with the energy of whoever is going to be right for me and or Gods New Teacher-Healer for Me®️ in 6 months to a year.”

And Trix, I’m sorry to sound cynical, but if you basically see the world and relationships the same way or generally the same way as Noelle, you are headed for major heartaches.
(10-09-2018, 06:30 AM)Guest Wrote: And Trix, I’m sorry to sound cynical, but if you basically see the world and relationships the same way or generally the same way as Noelle, you are headed for major heartaches.

You don’t know where I’ve been.
Ok Trix, fair enough. You care to share your story (some of it) or at least why you agree with noelle’s approach to relationships?

Again, I’m not saying we can’t learn from other people, we can learn something from a homeless guy at a bus stop who we interact with for 5 mins. I’m referring specifically to the concept of viewing one’s partner as a therapist.
Nope, I’m not sharing my story...

I said I agree with a lot of Noelle’s viewpoints, but unlike her, I’m not going to broadcast my personal relationships to the entire world.
Life is inherently painful (“heartache”)... you can try to mitigate additional upset, but you’re gonna have to face the pain and not be a pussy.

You can be safe, comfortable, and for all intents and purposes, unchanging... or you can live.
And to the other guest who mentions how “clinical” Noelle makes relationships seem: that’s a great word and I agree with you 100%. The way that their body language is towards one another, how far apart they sit and how she constantly turns to him in a lecturing way, no warmth, all emotion is toward the camera, and it’s a teary eyed “relevatory” emotional state mixed with almost gleeful laughing and giddiness thinking about being single again. And we all know in this context single doesn’t really mean “single” - it means almost immediately going from flirting via Fb, IG or Twitter with any number of random “fans” to DMing that fan, and saying something like: “wow, so you’re in Nevada? Wow that’s soooo God right there! I was just thinking about Nevada the other day when I saw the word Nevada on my coffee cup at Starbucks. What a kismet moment Spirit is revealing to me? I feel your energy. I feel how raw your need has been, and I think I will have a hyper-giddy / playful / sexual flirt session Nevada when I drive there as soon as I say farewell to my current awesome teacher and perfect lover who I can’t stand anymore..”
Yeah Trix it is inherently painful, and yes as long as a person is alive they are agreeing to go along with the pain and joys of life as long as God allows them to live.

But there is a big difference between accepting the cycle of expansion and contraction in the universe, the coming and going of people from our lives, for better or for worse - AND - being a self-deluded manipulative person who can’t deal with relationships in a mature way. And a lot of that is what is on display in the V&E videos. And I’m sure as they both (and we all) mature, we will be able to have a better handle on the truth of this. I’m 41 and just in the past 4-5 years beginning to see these patterns in people. Wish I would have learned earlier myself.
I mean...

40 is just when a man starts becoming a viable partner in my opinion...

Before then they’re too focused on their nads to be of any use in a relationship.

Of course there are exceptions, some men become viable a few years before (or after) that age.

Nobody in the world is perfect...

I gather you’re Christian? I find religious people to be the most bitter and judgemental of all.
Lol I agree with your first statement - yes most guys are pretty preoccupied when they are younger, and certain priorities tend to move to the forefront.

I know no one is perfect. Me included.

Christian? Well wasn’t raised that way. Became very Christian in my 20’s and by early 30’s I had seen enough of the mental numbness and the manipulation of people in churches to remove myself. I still believe in God. Still pray. But not religious. Nothing to do with any churches.
I like Christians, I was raised Baptist.

Gotta be honest, seems to me like you fancied Noelle at some point and now you’re salty about what she’s done.
Salty yes, but maybe not in a jealous way. I’ve been watching their videos for a while now. I’ve also communicated with Noelle and Vince separately at different times. They do not know me however it was all through messaging on their platforms.

The more I witness of how they both operate I say that I feel their pain, but I really have a problem with the way Noelle acts in her coffee time videos, esp the ones with Vince. If you changed the roles, like if you had Vince on the right being super energetic and saying all the “heyhoney remember how god freed me from you and now I’m learning so much”, and you had sheepish Noelle on the left tearfully agreeing with what Vince was saying I’d feel the same way. It’s not just an anti-Noelle thing. It’s the mingling in of all the quasi-spiritual jumbo jumbo as an excuse to duck other people that rubs me the wrong way. And I feel like if you strip the veneer off of the language, that’s what we’re getting at here.

And yes, before you mention it, I have had women deal with me this way in the past, and I have also dealt with women this way in the past, being flaky being non-commital and being evasive. And now that I’ve had time to reflect on both my own actions and in the lives of others and how their situations have played out, I can honestly say I see it for what it is.

I can’t do anything about V&N - plus what we are seeing in these videos from 2017 and earlier is not who they are today. People can change, I believe that. But watching these coffe time videos and breakup vids makes me think of all the ways I have gone wrong and helps me more objectively spot these weaknesses in myself so I don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. I hope V&N have grown from this and I’m sure they have.
Well said Guest. You sound like a levelheaded person.
(06-07-2018, 11:42 AM)Trix Wrote: Noelle had her hair in a fabulous up-do, and she was wearing a pink chiffon gown...

She had a champagne glass in her hand, and she was backing up and sitting down on a bed...

There was a super good looking blonde guy in the background, he had his shirt off and whatnot.

She sat down and she goes, "I'd appreciate it if you respected my hustle."

I'm like WTF?

She's sipping champagne and the guy in the background goes, "Yeah. Respect Noelle's hustle" as the dream fades out.

Just sayin'.

A few minutes ago, I randomly remembered this dream I had about Noelle...

It cracked me up.

But now that I read it again, I'm just like what the heck.
Very interesting long ago did you have that?

I hesitate to make real-world evaluations based on dreams I didn’t have, but it sounds like you dreamt of Noelle in a powerful, celebratory mood - party hair, party dress, wine, bed, hunky shirtless dude - asking you to respect her “hustle”.

At first glance from watch all her videos, hustle is not the first thing that comes to mind. She seems more like a praise-and-worship Evangelical tossed on a sea of new age spiritually and hyper sexual excitement.

But, she does showcase herself as: an author, a motivational speaker, a dream coach (interesting), a singer songwriter and the list goes on and on. Maybe she is trying to go mainstream and get on Oprah or something, who knows.

Maybe she appeared in your dream to solicit your business as a future dream trainee - if you follow her advice maybe you will find yourself ready to party with semi-nude blokes in a hotel near you????
(10-10-2018, 11:46 AM)Guest Wrote: At first glance from watch all her videos, hustle is not the first thing that comes to mind. She seems more like a praise-and-worship Evangelical tossed on a sea of new age spiritually and hyper sexual excitement.


It was HILARIOUS to hear Noelle use the term “hustle” in such a way.

I don’t even use that kinda terminology.

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