Vince and Noelle: Van Living, Stealth Camping
noelle is a scandalous slut , she dirtied her body by seeking sexual relations apart from vince

vince deserves a second chance , noelle is doomed to the devils clutches

i feel like she needs to be punished and repent
Guest, you're such a pervert, stop it, can't you see I'm mourning right now.
sorry darling , i get excited at funerals
Beautiful Noelle...

Wonderful, amazing Noelle.


Forget Vince, forget Jeff.

We just love YOU.

So much.

Noelle can’t save you, Trix.

Be you’re own Noelle and let us love YOU.

I just had a vision of a small kitchen in a kinda run-down old brick house in small town by a body of water. I said it was a vision, but it really was just a memory, of when my heart when looking for something the middle of something dangerous. In the background there are people and music and noise, shady people, shady people with shady toys. It’s not the drugs hey smoke or stuff they tell to themselves...but as I stand by a sink full of dirty dishes...I notice little flecks of pepper on the spice rack shelf.

And I get amazed! I’ve been up for nights and day!
I stay amazed! Confused and somewhat dazed.
But if you want me to tell you the rest of memory...
I could tell you of course, but you know that I can’t tell for free...

Hell yeah dude, that would make a righteous fucking song, or some kinda short story or SOMETHING. You got talent dude!
I'm glad somebody bumped this thread though...

I wasn't gonna do it.

I have copies of Noelle's books, "Bliss Beyond Belief" and "Inspiring Nuggets"...

I keep them on my desk and I do sleep with one under my pillow.

Cuz that's just what I do when I love stuff.

I slept with The Eagles "The Long Run" under my pillow for like a year once.

I miss Noelle.

Most inspiring nuggets ever though.
Can we start a grass roots petition to Vince and Noelle so we can get more content out of them?

Also does anyone want to collaborate on some new YouTube content?
I don’t wanna collaborate, but I have a channel...
Wow. Do you really want men? Do you have “a man”?

What do you want to do with “a man” anyway?
Would you be interested in this man? He’s appearing in dreams everywhere nowadays.
“This Man” meme is a oldie for sure, but a goodie, not really.

Was some kind of early internet experiment...

Surprises me they even still pay for the domain.

As for why I want a man or what I’d do with him...

Any man I’d ever want wouldn’t ask stupid questions.

According to Rochester, NY 1180 AM, the world is full of middle aged guys who either A) wish they could preform like they were 20 again or B) the guys who “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT”!

The scared MGTOW guys look at a video like “Annie’s” and want her, but they get the subtle feeling she would leave them for the next hot UPS guy in a McDonald’s.
WHY did you have to bring the UPS guy into it?!?!?


EVERY!!!!!! OTHER!!!!!!!! THING!!!!!!!!
(05-01-2019, 07:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: EVERY!!!!!! OTHER!!!!!!!! THING!!!!!!!!

yeah right ...EVERY!!!!!! OTHER!!!!!!!! THING!!!!!!!!  without a uniform  , otherwise she is instantly turned on and submissive like all other sheeple
I have to say, it is nice to hear Annie tell the truth - i.e. that women need and want men. Guess what men need and want women too.

There is so much cultural static today in America: men are perceived as total predators and uncaring while women are perceived as vindictive, manipulative and always looking to move up the ladder.

In response to these MGTOW types, maybe the solution is a contractual revolution for modern marriage. Meaning: why don’t both men and women who are honest about their feelings, needs and wants get together (kinda like the council of Nivea or something ?) and standardize a new marriage contract that would override the typical cultural legal marriage concept? In a world where heterosexual marriage has been altered by people who obviously just want money or want to stretch its meaning to cover things not originally contemplated when the laws were written, maybe there is a time for this?

Lots of “men’s rights” people see American guys as victims of pro-female divorce laws and they then here for look at marriage as the poor investment it is: half of marriages end in divorce and when there is a divorce, both parties suffer financially but if there are kids involved it’s usually the man who has to bear the brunt of it financially. I think a good concept to interject in a new marriage contract would be a “no financial betterment” clause, meaning: neither party can profit from a divorce. If you have no college education and you marry a doctor, later get divorced you are not entitled to half of his assets. If the marriage fails, both parties resume their prior lives. Regardless of children. This would completely Level the playing field and make the wealthier partner’s money only relevant if the couple stays together.

To continue the money topic: make each specific, provable act of adultery cost the guilty party a preset dollar amount. Also, add clauses about ways of settlement. Pre-arraigned rules of divorce (should it occur) and rules for how to handle settlement of property. I believe one should only be able to leave with what they reasonably came with.

I think it’s time for well-meaning and sincere people (both sexes) to come together and formulate a new standard for future generations that transcends long, drawn out court battles, people marrying for money and children being used as pawns. Women need men and men need women, but our current laws suck. If America is so wrapped up in “traditional marriage” then we need new contracts that can supersede the current civil divorce proceedings and make private contract law courts the final authority when a marriage fails.

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