Vince and Noelle: Van Living, Stealth Camping
As it relates to Vince, I've always respected that he seems to get involved with new people.

But I think there is something in a man that doesn't really want to attach himself long term to a family or situation that isn't his "own".

At least that's how I feel about life. I don't want to attach my life to someone else's show in-progress.

I would pretty much only settle for a lady about 20 years younger than me at this point, and only if she was level-headed, future-thinking and practical. And attractive.

Since that seems somewhat unlikely, I'll just settle for accepting that it may or may not happen.

But jump into other people's life in progress, nah, not for me. More power to ya Vince, keep on keeping on.
(08-23-2019, 06:10 PM)Guest Wrote: But I think there is something in a man that doesn't really want to attach himself long term to a family or situation that isn't his "own".

Vince was willing to do that...

And Noelle did that for him.

You're just not quality like they are.

(08-23-2019, 06:10 PM)Guest Wrote: I would pretty much only settle for a lady about 20 years younger than me at this point, and only if she was level-headed, future-thinking and practical. And attractive.

You'd just have even more to bitch and moan about in life if you got that.

You'll never be satisfied and my guess is you'll always be totally abusive (emotionally at the very least as far as I've seen from everything you've said).

You get what you deserve...



This is not the forum for you. Think you're looking for...

Your retarded ass always comes back, I have no idea why.

I always forget how dumb and obnoxious you are...

You remind me faster every time!!!

Thanks, that is one positive thing I can credit you with.
Ah I know how you got back in...

I accidentally lifted all the bans lastnight...

Most of the bans are spammer IPs, almost none of them are actual people.

IP banning is so 2010. But holy fuck you gotta be a retard to get banned on this site! Impressive!
Wow, Noelle just sent out a newsletter and it's a fucking doozie!!!

Welcome back to the land of the living, Noelle!!!

We love you!!!
summarize it bitch. I am a busy world traveler who cant read too good. Is noelle still with her parents and screwing that jeff guitar dude?
According to the newsletter, she and Jeff may be parting ways.

It was a very interesting newsletter. I hope she makes a video soon!
TBH, it was just "okay"...

Not better than particular drinks at Starbucks.

I'm sure Caribou's regular coffee is better than Starbucks though...

But I got a cappucino.
Is she breaking up with the new husband John? The guy in the band? Is everything ok or what?

Maybe you should invite her to do an interview with you as you are obv one of her number one fans. ??‍♂️
His name is Jeff.

I don't do interviews...

Especially regarding Noelle, she comes out and talks when she's ready to and I wouldn't want to fuck with her flow.

Noelle's newsletter basically said she realizes she will have to take a new approach to solving her old problems...

Basically that she's always depended on men and now she realizes she has to depend on herself instead.

She basically said that she was probably going to part ways with Jeff, but probably not because he isn't great or whatever.
I still think Noelle and I should travel together.
I'd um... fucking love that.
And by "together" I mean wagon train style, Noelle has her own vehicle to live in type deal...

Cuz I sure the hell ain't about to be cuddling Noelle Vince-style in a van.
It seems like Noelle has taken down all her old videos, or was that Vince’s Page? Vince seems to be fine living the low-energy just a guy living in his girlfriends back yard lifestyle. I’m wondering if Noelle will be looking for a reboot of things with vince. It honestly made great TV if you want to call it that. They had good onscreen chemistry but the major issue I see with Noelle is that she seems to be constantly swinging like a pendulum from these two extremes: intense need of male approval, romance, etc., followed by complete aversion to “needing men”. Unfortunately for her and then men she falls in love with this seems like a painful way to live life.

I would like to see her go asexual for awhile in the sense that she should stop talking about guys and relationships, stop talking about love and sex, and talk about personal development, spirituality and stuff like that. I think that would be very interesting to see. The videos where she talked more about the Bible and her approach to everyday life were much more compelling than the videos where she was hyper focused with a possessive tunnel vision on her own love life.
Looks like she did remove her vids, which is only the most fucking regrettable thing ever, LOL
Looks like they were made Private.
Sucks that she would erase her life like that...

The only one she's hiding it from is herself.
I'd unprivate 1 video a day like it was all new until the supply ran out, then I'd upload new vids... LOL!
Is she gonna reveal a Noelle so radically different from the other one or something? So different that all her old videos don't apply? Did she delete them all cuz she was talking about specific men? Or is she simply done with YouTube forever and this is merely the end?


Too bad to remove all those vids this late in the game.

If she ever wants to make a resurgence in YouTube she better do it quick... platform's going to shit. Better get a BitChute or something too.

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