Van Living, Stealth Camping: Vince and Noelle Amendola

Lol Huh

I dunno if I believe that.

Either Noelle is just trying to assure everyone she's okay even though Vince is about to unleash on YouTube with his new woman.

Or she's trying to assure Vince she's okay even though he's about to unleash on YouTube with his new woman.

Or she's trying to assure herself she's okay even though Vince is about to unleash on YouTube with his new woman.

Any way it goes, I'm not convinced.

I wouldn't be "happy" like that if I was Noelle and this whole thing with Vince was still pretty fresh and he was very publicly moving on.


In some alternate universe, Noelle and Vince are still together.




I kinda feel like that's not true and they totally aren't.




Is Vince gonna be entertaining with somebody else??

I feel like he will be...

On the bright side of things.


I really feel like he will be.

But he'll probably basically never make videos.

When he does though, LMAO.

I bet it'll be hilarious.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Wow that noelle has just made a cry for help , she thought she was the master manipulator but found out otherwise
Yuppies roughing it in their backyards with a cabin made out of "Recycled pallets" (they get recycled anyway). With coffee plunger and brand new stainless steel stove which includes a hot water urn.
Its such fake plastic pathetic crap.



Here it is.

Here is the video of Vince and his new woman...

I can taste the entertainment already.

Paused at 0:04 in and I can already feel it. I can already feel it.




OMG I'm nervous...

Okay. I'm pushing play.

Ew, his camera lens is nasty dirty, WTF Vince?

Wow 0:09 this chick is pretty sexy.

Paused at 0:10 OMG.


This is a lot.

This is kind of a lot.

She looks...

REALLY comfortable on camera.

Do you guys know what I'm saying? Like...

REALLY really comfortable on camera.

0:16 that body language, shit on a stick...






I just...

It's. You know, I dunno, it's kind of a lot.

She is intensely set on him... like the way she's looking at him.


I bet she gives a killer beej.

She's a sexy little minx.

This is honestly heinously awkward in true Vince fashion.

That could in no way be anything but the influence of Vince.

Now we know where the awkward was always coming from in Vince and Noelle's vids...

It was coming from Vince.

Okay listen, Vince is a NICE GUY. I am not hating on Vince saying this but...

I am just being honest, watching him with his lady, be it Noelle, or this chick, or anybody I'm sure...

My stomach stays in this perpetually tightened state, just ready to bust out laughing at any given time.

0:52... ooOoooOooOoo, freeeakyyy!

1:22 ahahahaha, whoa, hear what she says about the van!!! OMG!


I think this chick is gonna get Vince out of the van.

It feels like she saw a lot of potential in Vince and thinks he's super nice...

But that she's keeping the 'sleeping together' thingy as the dangling carrot to get him out of the van.

I think this chick is super cool. She's funny, she's pretty, she's got a good personality.

I dig her. I hope Vince doesn't fuck it up.

She says the van smells like dirty socks and that Vince doesn't wear deodorant. She says it smells like a mens' locker room.

So here's the thing...

I can totally feel Noelle listening to this and saying, "It didn't smell like that when I lived there!"

Shit really goes downhill without a woman's touch!

Vince's dating profile:

"Hi, my name's Vince, and I'm an outdoors kinda guy! I love hiking, scaling mountain faces, long walks across glaciers and climbing my way out of crevices! I live in a Sprinter van and it really needs a woman's touch. Message me!"

Not hating.

Not hating.

2:16 she says she loves that Vince is a "minimalist" and that he lives in a van. She calls him "ideal"... OMG. Vince don't let this one get away, holy shit!

Just goes to show... no matter who the hell you are or what your deal is, SOMEBODY out there SOMEWHERE is gonna love you or at least hang out and give you a chance or whatever, and they may not even be totally ugly!

2:24 so now she's gonna tell the story of how they met...


I have to hand it to Vince that he's really good at editing videos.

Awww. This chick seems really great. No BS she really does.

WTF! How, Vince!? How did you luck up?! WTF?

Dude she's so cool...

Wow. I can't believe this chick is that awesome, like. What's the catch??

What the hell is the catch?! RIGHT!? She LOOKS really good, she SOUNDS really good, she seems really NICE...

What's the catch!? Where's the caveat?!

4:40 OMFG this chick is like ME. She hates sleeping with people too!!! WTF!!! I wonder if she's an ARIES?!?!?

I wonder if she's a HORSE on the Chinese ZODIAC?!?


All the chicks that Vince lands it with are so fucking cool and my kinda chicks.

Noelle is totally my kinda chick, she's amazeballs and I totally jive with her 100%, OMG amazing.

And THIS chick Grace and I are totally similar too in some ways. I bet she's a fucking liberal though.

4:53 ooohhh okayyy they're sleeping at HER PLACE!!! She's TOTALLY getting Vince out of the van...

That's exactly what she meant about traveling in the van when summer comes or whatever.

She's totally BAGGED Vince and is keeping him in her apartment. She's HOUSE TRAINING VINCE.

6:17 dude OMG fucking TWINSIESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would leave a comment of nice things on this video, but out of respect of my sheer pure and total love for Noelle, I'm totally not gonna.

6:36 OMG check out the move Vince pulls on this chick! That's um, pretty fucking hot. Almost kinda seems like Vince would be down to do some of the freaky shit I love! It makes me wonder if Noelle likes the same kind of sex I like, and if Vince ever laid it on her in a way I would approve of!

6:48 that sounds suffocating, LMAO, I totally would not like that at all. Agh, that sounds horrible. LMFAO.

8:50 they play puzzle games and card games together, holy shit. That is some vanilla AF, respectable AF, old fashioned kinda shit right there!!!

They seem really great together. I definitely like her better than him though. Let's get her her own fucking YouTube channel so I can unsub Vince.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
That was really therapeutic watching vince and his girl , she is very different from nichole more sane

OH MY GOD IT'S TIME FOR COFFEETIME 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so fucking stoked, I made a pot of coffee and everything!!!!!!!!

LET'S FUCKING DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's saying she tried Coffeetime yesterday and it felt too inauthentic, so she tried again today.

But my question is why the frigg was she trying to do Coffeetime on a Wednesday anyway?

Thursdays are Coffeetime.

Awww, sweet sweet Noelle. She's being so real with us. Agh, God I love Noelle.

Does Noelle have a cat?? That's a super bitchin' cat post/house!!!

Ahhh, the epic Conscious Uncoupling... when I first found Noelle!!!

9:20 sounds to me like what Noelle's trying to say is that living alone as a single woman in a van is pretty fucking awesome...


Nighttime in the van only sucked for her because she didn't like being alone at night anyways.

10:45 I watched it too Noelle, it was a lot. IT WAS A LOT, OKAY?! IT WAS A LOT.

I guess Vince seemed happy, but he also seemed kinda... I dunno. Kinda Vince. I didn't really like the end of the video when he was telling Grace that nobody cares about her tea. Umm, I care. I care about her tea Vince. I CARE MORE ABOUT GRACE'S TEA THAN ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER TALKED ABOUT, BUDDY!!!!!!!!!

Noelle's pretty publicly into Jeff right now, I wonder how he feels hearing her talk about Vince and the pain of not having him anymore. I mean, Jeff should be understanding though, since he's so much older than Noelle, I mean... it's not his first rodeo or anything.


Noelle is so right though... IT'S ALRIGHT TO CRY!!!


Oh internet. I love you.

I wonder how Noelle really feels about Jeff.

She starts vaguely referring to him at 20:32.

Everybody sign up to Noelle's newsletter!!!!!!

You won't regret it!!!!!!!

I love that Noelle reaches out to us and tells us where we can contact her.

She's so great.

Love it...

Thanks for the Coffeetime, Noelle. I love you too.

God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
@7:40 wow i felt that

She is so real finally

The guy in this thumbnail looks like Vince...

God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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