Van Living, Stealth Camping: Vince and Noelle Amendola

Vince is now getting to test his insulation on a snowy Colorado day.

It’s interesting that no sooner does he get it done, that a big snow storm rolls into town. From now till March, they will be in a very cold situation in a very small house if they stay in Colorado. It will be interesting to see what kind of content they come up with this winter. Like the build is done, I’m sure there will be routine maintenance and other updates, but that tiny house will probably not ever feel as small as it does in the winter, when you can’t have the doors open and all that jazz.

I also noticed a bottle of “Makers Mark” on the shelf in the beginning of the video. I couldn’t tell if it had liquor in it or if it was just a decoration.

Will be interesting to see how this goes...
Wow he made that video in a hurry...

A lot of times he makes videos and then uploads them days or weeks later.

55 degrees??? Inside?? During the day though??

1:10 um... "toasty" Vince? Really?

I wouldn't call 55 (45 at night) "toasty" by any stretch of the imagination, on any planet ever.

I gotta be 100,000,000% honest... I would have taken that damn trailer to another state with better winter weather. I'd rather be hot than cold.

I don't think Grace is gonna like this. I guess we'll see.

Vince is a great guy though.

How are the socks supposed to dry when it's like 55 degrees? Put that shit in the oven!
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Do you think it would be possible to start a fan club for Vince and have everyone go out to visit him and sit to listen to his teachings? Like it’s fairly obvs that he fancies himself a bit of a guru
Oh man I think you're way off base about Vince, I don't think he sees himself as a guru at all.

I don't get a haughty sense of self from Vince at all.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Yeah agreed, his ex-wife on the other hand...

I love Noelle though...

I totally understand that part of her.

I completely understand it.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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