Mark Comings: Free Energy Physicist
(10-19-2019, 11:08 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You sound way more interesting than Mark.

For certain values of "interesting"? I'll take that as a compliment then.   Cool

The years 1995-2002 were kind of a wild ride for me. I met a lot of strange and interesting people during that time. Psychics, UFOlogists, gurus, psychedelic psychonauts, free energy inventors, even a couple of outright million-dollar fraudsters. I was kind of the token skeptic of the bunch. Some of the things Mark told me are literally beyond belief. Unfortunately I know nothing of him, beyond what is discussed here, after 2002. I recall doing some research into the Hathor Ascension Movement and Gabrielle Klonek, as she was known then, in 2000-2001. I don't think Mark was involved with them until after ET took ill. I don't think I ever heard of Carl Jensen until I started looking into Mark.
At that time the "HAM" sounded like another Northern California quasi-religious commune looking for members, with Klonek (Hathor) as the guru. They made various promises like total debt forgiveness, as I recall. Smelled fishy to me even then.
Sounds like Mark was just another 'drhoecker' type...


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