Why do people think I'm so creepy?!
(03-10-2019, 09:04 AM)thatguest Wrote: Creepy? really?! 
Pffft well I think you are awesome
Nana Party

I think you’re awesome too, I think we really click intellectually and I looove that!!!
(03-10-2019, 10:50 AM)Guest Wrote: ah womenz call me creepy all time- im just like being me and shit and they

You’re not creepy, you’re just a total asshole!

Dude Im the Nicest fucking Human on this fucking planet.

How can you say such a thing?

Are you fucking Kidding me?????

Me a Asshole No no you got that alllll Backwards

I be acting Good and friendly and shit and these girls online be like

oooh you creepy

when they Say the Word Creep for no fucking Reason

The bitch just drop the mic and she pretty much saying fuck off not intrested

i know how these cock suckers brains works
trust me
tempermental bitchs or what
fuck i try telln da girl
Yo I think there is aliens

And she says "I think you Creepy"

Im like WUUUUT teh FAK!!!!
dude dont lay dat Creepy word down on me like dat.

fuck you You blocked.
when the Woman Speaks the Word "Creepy"
game fucking over
she drop the fukn mic on ya.

guys heed warning
when she says Creepy
Game the fuck over bro

dont let them deviate from there brainwashed programming yo
So They call me Creepy cus im a Asshole Go Figure
Woman Lingo Code here- Holy fuck balls.
Shits too complicated for me to decode let me tells yah

woman mean one thing and do the other typicall very
Sad Nana 
(03-10-2019, 02:30 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Did you really just post a Harry Styles song bro?

...I think we’re done here.

I deserve to be whipped for my insolence Zap Whip2 Nanawhip

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