Celebrities trying out a new kind of cosmetic procedure?
Thread originally titled “Christina Aguilera among the celebrities trying out a new kind of cosmetic procedure?”

I could have SWORN I made a post about this. I literally remember writing it out, linking the pictures, etc. But I can't find anything under search. It's just crazy. But that's definitely a sign this needs to be said.

So check out Christina Aguilera in 2018...

Sure there are all the typical things like Botox and the big lips and implants here and there...

But there's something more going on with this.


There's something going on with the skin itself...


Is that even HER? It's like real life photoshop or something.

Look at the head/neck ratio. She's always been like that, but it still really sticks out to me.

Look at her forehead/hairline area in that photo. It makes me think the same thing that occurred to me when watching the video...

It just looks like she's legitimately a bot. It doesn't even look like a real body.

Could airbrush makeup be responsible for that? I mean think about how many celebs use the airbrush makeup and whatnot when they start getting old... they don't end up looking like THAT.

There's something NEW they're doing. I've seen it with a few other celebs too, but I haven't been keeping up with exactly who, apparently because I hadn't made this thread yet even though I thought I did?!

Compare those pics/vid to early Xtina...


Check out that mole on her chest... appears to be gone now. Sure, that isn't a mystery. But why does her skin look more flawless now than it did back then? It's not just makeup... it's something more.

It's like she's not even real.


She's changed dramatically even since this 2016 pic:


So what is the secret? What are they doing now?

And notice the ones who AREN'T doing anything...


Like Britney.

I mean at least her skin looks its age...

Yeah, it's unfortunate to get older but damn. At least she still looks like a human being.

Whatever they're trying out in hollyweird these days, they need to dial it back a little bit...

The shit is freaky and I half-way think these people have literal clone/bot body doubles running around out there.
What's creepy is the baby-faced look Christina appears to have now...

She's got that 'plastic look' you see in all these people who do the injections etc.

But there's something else too...

There's an aspect of the skin that is different and enhanced.

All of the skin... even the hands and arms as you can see in that video thumbnail.

Either she's had some extensive, all over the body laser kinda work done...

Or they're literally injecting baby cells into these people and making the skin regenerate.

We already know about the foreskin creams they use...



This sick and heinous use of babies in beauty products is GENERAL KNOWLEDGE...

Just imagine the horrors that aren't widely known about in the public.

What the fuck are these people doing?
i just wish i had boobs and a pussy , life is hard as a man

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You can see the fuckton of makeup in this pic thanks to the angle and lighting.

But then what about these pics?


Baby cells skin transplants something is going on. Huh2
Yeah man it's really obvious if you ask me.
It's creepy as shit.
Maybe some process of reskinning them? Process not known to the public yet?
I'm thinking some kinda...

Cellular level manipulation.

It's like...

They can grow new skin for burn victims, hollyweird probably has all this worked out and is currently doing it.

Are they doing this to Taylor Swift now???

She’s JUST NOW turned 30...

Surely to God they’re not already doing this kinda stupid shit to her.

Her face looks wide and puffy and like it hardly moves.

So strange... and it’s not like she’s gained a bunch of weight either, it’s something else.

Something fake.
I just looked it up, she’s not even 30 yet at this point.

And it looks like they’re already altering her face with whatever this super heavy shit is that makes these chicks’ heads and faces look too big for their bodies.
Some people in the comments section are saying she doesn’t “look or seem” right and some are saying she doesn’t sound right either.

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