Once Upon a Timeline: Investigating the Mandela Effect

This guy has some amazing videos, so I'll be interested to hear what he has to say about this topic.

4:48 brilliant and interesting point re: de-manifestation.

8:18 this story is kinda trippy though, I mean what the hell?

9:16 I definitely agree with that.

This lady is one of those who has never known anything about her own anatomy... I think that's sad! People need to KNOW their bodies! Damn!

There's ALWAYS been a peehole and a vaginal opening. Like WTF?

And the comments on this video, LOL...



2:35 is kinda crazy though because on that specific pic it's showing the urethral opening pretty far down from the clit and I dunno about you guys, but I'm pretty sure my peehole is right below the clit, like, not far...


This has been really funny.
OMG...LOL,my D..K hasn't changed Big Grin

Let's see if Teal does this topic justice.

I totally disagree with her that understanding this won't help humanity grow/expand.

It's simply a principle of the foundational operations of the matrix.

It's just timelines.

So why would she say it's not useful for people to know about??

I ABSOLUTELY do not remember that Agatha Christie was ever found. That's the whole reason people have thought 'she' was a conglomerate from the START, not just AFTER she disappeared/died.

2:52 Teal is such a fucking hottie.

5:20 it seems like Teal is shilling a little bit about this topic.

6:00 finally she gets into the meat and potatoes of the topic, timelines.

The thing about it is...

If timeline switches were supposed to be seamless, we'd NEVER notice anything different. Ever. So there must be purpose in the reason behind noticing the differences. They're almost like triggers for life/self/reality examination. Almost like what deja vu does to us. It's food for thought... placed to awaken the sleeper. Keys, signs, symbols.

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