Magic Man
Ship of dreams...

God fricken dang...

Man I went for a walk, like 4 or 4.5...

About 3.5 in to it after I got around the dope part, I saw some dude in a compact with big rims harassing a chic...

So I sped up, just in some grandpa shorts and no short and left my gun at home I didn't give a fuck...

So I catch up, do my normal shit talking with the word pussy and all, and we exchange but he didnt really want it.

But she was safe...I never even talked to her but I did with him.
Heart - Alone:
Holy shit...

bible MO you are acting really slutty , loose women is talked about in my holy book 

anybody who marries MO is not allowed to divorce her even if she screws hobos  , its not biblical grounds
MO... I dont think you're a tawdry or a loose bitch, and I feel like you need to hear it so Imma say it for your pleasure...

I'd fuck yo god damn brains out bitch, and of course use bitch as a term or endearment, I say this for you not me, forgive me if I offend you because I only say it ad mean it as a form or prescription, but I'm far from perfect so if I have misjudged, again, forgive me, I say it with love and the best of intentions, what I said actually does little for me nor is it my highest desire as a way to be.
Dude man I appreciate it but here's the thing...

I need you to say that nasty shit to me WITHOUT apologizing.

Just straight up state your wicked sexperv desires unapologetically.
I really love probing a ladies cunt , any time you want the middle finger MO i can get us a delux room at the fingerfuck motel.
Lol Huh

You dont even know, Id make a special torture rack for you and eat your pussy followed by long slow fucking you fpr an hour or two, without even giving you the benefit of an orgasm, teasing but pleasing, in a torturous way, but ai wouldn't let you cum til I felt sorry for you, and that I say unapologetically.

I know thats not your thing but that's exactly why... besides the fact that it might be my thing...

Again, unapolegetically
It sounds great all except for the oral...

Can we go ahead and just do some squeezing and smacking around instead?
Id massage yo monkey ass back and shoulders as I was caressing your insides without letting you get off

Cause I like to play
I'd play you inside clit in harmony with your outside clit like a god damn fiddle...

Softly while I was rough on your neck back and shoulders....

You'd be completely fucked until you got conpletely fucked the way you like to be...
You have no clue the degree I'd turn you out MO...
I'd turn you on in a way you could never turn off, no shutoff valve.
That's called evolution and there'd be nothin you could do about it...

This is my favorite convo we've ever had...


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