Reef Aquarium Updates with Claudius Reefer Taylor
Palm Trees 
Dude I happened upon this channel by absolutely THE MOST RANDOM chain of events ever...

Holy heck, this is amazing.

Insanely beautiful.
The fish who live in there have it so much better than 98.9% of fish who live in aquariums.

I'm usually against the keeping of fish as "pets" but holy heck...

Living in there would be like being an immortal fae living in Zangarmarsh in World of Warcraft.
I wonder if he still has his aquariums?

His videos were so fucking lit.
Yep there are people with a tank and fish and then there are fish keepers....
Problem comes with bad information from the pet stores....people have no idea and when they are told wrong they do what they think is right...
I was like this until I found a new fish shop and the guy was unreal.... I now have a few tanks...Only freshwater....
Looking to do a salt water but the corals are sooooo expensive..Well in my nick of the woods anyway and I don't want just a fake ass tank.... need to make sure I am fully ready to commit to that...

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