TripWhip: What The Machine Elves Told Me On DMT
God this guy is FUCKIN' woke...

God bless, God bless. 

Here are all the links I've made to priorly on-site discussed universal truths mentioned in this video...

Dreams And Deja Vu

(06-11-2018, 03:17 PM)MO Wrote: 12:57 addresses deja vu, under the guise of explaining synchronicity, which is basically another version of deja vu.

You might have to watch the whole video to understand what he means when he's referencing the 'machine elves'...

Essentially they're entities that people have encountered while on DMT and they (according to this guy) are our 'ancestors' (and in essence they're us) watching and orchestrating what goes on in the reality matrix.

When we die, we’re born elsewhere...

Can we just contemplate how absurd the traditional concept of an 'afterlife' is??

(06-11-2018, 03:19 PM)MO Wrote: 14:40 - 15:12 this is exactly what was talking about when I said:

The matrix is made up of a bunch of different coordinate points and consciousness just filters/streams through it...

It’s only oneness experiencing each facet of itself through various ‘coordinate points’ arranged to facilitate the illusion of separation.

Coordinate points...

Also known as vessels for consciousness...

Also known as lifeforms. 

Lifeforms come from a 'genetic line'...

It's continuation of lifetime upon lifetime, mixing together, having a bunch of experiences, lots of intricate action/reaction situations that just keep playing out down the procession of the 'genetic line'.

Kelli In the Raw: Gods/Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Angels... They're ALL Reptilians!!!

(06-11-2018, 03:27 PM)MO Wrote: When you die, hey give it a sec. Maybe don't go right into the light, maybe give it a little bit and think about it.

Feel around, check things out.

But if it's a 'non-live, test-mode' version of this freaking reality matrix...

Even if there IS 'God consciousness' and access to all info there in that state...

If you're still hanging around test-mode reality matrix, then what in the heck is the POINT of having access to that info?

17:04 this guy provides a really interesting explanation of the 'white light' and what the light is...

I have to admit what he's saying resonates, I've never heard anyone put it this way before.

Pareidolia report!

(06-11-2018, 03:28 PM)MO Wrote: 19:15 this guy explains pareidolia on an esoteric level.

Probably one of the greatest videos ever... he nailed so many different foundational aspects of the reality matrix and I don't think he even realized it.

I agree with him entirely... beautiful message at the end as well.
It's very useful because the info he shares is presented in such an understandable way, it allows the viewership to have the takeaway message without ever having to do the drugs.

He takes one for the team...

IMO, TripWhip > Hans Wilhelm by a longshot.
I agree with about 45% of what Hans says, and I tend to disagree with him more and more every video I see from him.

I basically agree with everything TripWhip says... there's maybe like a 5% discrepancy at the most, and that just involves some of the terminologies.
Hans has a lot of truth, but it's framed in limiting concepts (in my opinion) that are a little too close to 'religious' boundaries.

I like my truth raw.

Pretty fucking amazing video/info as per usual.

12:38 very fascinating and again touching on the topic of pareidolia.
I don't so much fear Death as I do dying unfulfilled.

TBH if there was one YouTube person I could pluck out of the screen and make the sex with, it'd probably be this guy.

0:49 if that's true then he was still experiencing heightened levels of adrenaline and all kinds of other stuff, which makes you trip a little bit in and of itself.

1:15 this guy is so interesting.

3:50 LOL OMG he looks so high, he's so adorable!!! This guy is so fucking hot.

4:54 wow what a trip... this is an amazing story.

I've experienced something like this before too, not on drugs, but before waking up and coming back into the body.

7:02 he's so right, so well said... so true!

8:59 micro/macro... the whole truth, the entire big picture, the whole schema is there at every level.

15:24 this is EXACTLY how it works... this guy makes great videos.

16:45 - 17:07 yup, this is what I mean when I say that 'nothingness' can only be viewed from the standpoint of 'something' (existence).

Awesome video, great message/conclusions.

Gets good circa 4:00.
(02-11-2020, 02:07 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Gets good circa 4:00.
Looks good, I'll watch tomorrow.

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