net neutrality axed today - any signs of abuse?
today marks the day of the end of net neutrality, courtesy of Ashit Pie. the question is when, and to what extent, this will be abused by providers.

i'll be posting here if and when i notice it, and encourage y'all to do the same.
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Thanks for making a topic about this Genba. I suppose we shall see what happens.

I have a feeling there's so much coming down the pike for us that this is gonna be the last thing on our minds.

And that's quite a statement coming from someone who loves and utilizes the internet as much as I do...

I just really think life is about to take a totally unforeseen, massively crazy turn on a wide scale and our priorities will dramatically change.

I'm not necessarily talking doom... I'm just talking change. Because that's all the more specific I can 'feel' about it at this juncture.
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