I like to wear glitter in my hair...
On the old flip phones, you had to type everything with just the numeric telephone keypad. Even that was more efficient because the T9 was actually smart.

My biggest gripe with touch screens is they do all kinds of stuff you haven't asked them to do when you're not even using the device. Every time I take it out of my pocket, I find things have moved around or gone missing. There's a reason the lowly QWERTY keyboard and mouse have been the primary computer interface devices for decades.
(07-07-2018, 01:59 PM)Trix Wrote: This is what I use:


I tried this brand of Moroccan Argan oil before and it did not work for my hair type. It didn't make my hair feel soft at all, more like a brillo pad.

I get the Brazilian treatments in my hair every once in awhile, so now I use sulfate-free shampoos/conditioners. I don't really care what brand. I'll just use Loreal sulfate-free and it works pretty good!
(07-07-2018, 01:13 PM)Trix Wrote: LIKE PRINCE.

He always had suck a cool style and aura. He's so sexy and smooth talking.
And he has pretty and sexy eyes.
I like to wear Trix's panties on my head. Banana

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