Anthony Brian Logan: Current Events and Sociopolitical Commentary

10:45 it's an important point to raise and I'm glad there are people out there like Anthony with a large audience, being a voice of reason and logic.

My comment on the video:

Quote:She is way overstepping with that statement... it's a thoughtless thing to say and it just further goes to exemplify that hollywood puppets are merely tools, and they are in servitude to the propaganda machine.

I've been watching him for years and his commentary is always excellent...

Other threads about his videos:
So i can find this later, interesting stuff, it would seem.

6:08 he's right you know.
They Have To Go Back: Illegal Immigrant and Migrant Caravan Discussion

As always, ABL is the picture of level headed common sense, an intellectual giant.

And I agree with the people in the comments... call this "caravan" for what it is: invaders, seeking to trespass illegally into our country. There could be terrorists among them seeking to kill Americans... and it could be argued that they are terrorists simply for the act of attempting illegal passage in and of itself.

Keep the trash out of our country.
"White House Introduces Rules of Decorum For Journalists At Pressers For Jim Acosta"
I've seen this dude before. Didn't know who you talking about from the thread title.

2:08 I LOL'd hard.

So now Anthony's channel is being targeted and I'll be gosh darned if he doesn't seem to understand that...

"Reactions To Sargon of Akkad Getting Banned From Patreon"

Seems like now they're just going around targeting anyone on the platform who talks about the banned people whether it's in a positive or negative light.

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