You Will Believe: Bill is Alex

VIDEO #1 (above): The voice in the intro is Bill Hicks. This was before the Alex Jones "gravelly voice" was put into effect. I studied Bill Hick's facial mannerisms in college for a full year as part of a class curriculum for stand-up comedy performance, and if I saw this video back when it was made, which was very close to the year that I was studying Hicks, I would have absolutely thought it was Bill Hicks with some surgery and/or prosthetics. No problem. I mean... JESUS CHRIST.

VIDEO #2 (Below): 
Bill Hick's famous bit about "Orange Drink" followed by people questioning Alex Jones at a party, asking whether his product "Tangy Tangerine Orange Drink" was based on that; at about the minute mark you can literally see "Alex Jones" disappear as BILL HICKS begins to feel 'outed' and, boom, there's Bill. THERE IS FUCKING BILL. Absolutely no question whatsoever. That is fucking Bill Hicks. The end. 

Interview with Author Jon Ronson about Alex Jones being the "next Bill Hicks". Just listen to his voice when he says it, it's DRIPPING with the giddiness of coming so close to letting the cat out of the bag. This guy KNOWS. He was at Bohemian Grove with Alex(Bill), and talks about that. 

The narrator is super cheesy and it pains me to have to wade through his narration, however I am posting this because it's a trove of information culled from several other videos. Of note: the teeth. Note the lower left protruding incisor. Note the gap. Note the clear filing of Jone's upper teeth to make the front two 'shorter'. Of perhaps greater significance is the mentioning of Kevin Booth. Keven was a very close friend to Bill, and was his producer. Kevin became a very close friend to Alex, and became his producer, about a week after Bill died. 

Joe Rogan jokingly asks Bill, I mean Alex, if Alex is Bill. This video is often used to "show people" that Alex isn't really Bill. However... the interview between Joe and Bill, er, Alex isn't why I'm posting this. I'm posting this for what happens at 2:10. At 2:10, that is Bill Hicks my friends. I am telling you I studied this guy for an entire year of my life at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and there is no fucking way that that is not Bill Hicks. I realize how insane it sounds, but when I watch that clip, starting at 2:10, every hair on my body stands on end because I know that's Bill Hicks and I know it on a cellular level. Anway, here's the motherfucking video:

This video is narrated by a mutant with autism, downs and god knows what else. In fact, just turn the volume off for this one. What i want you to watch is the footage of Alex Jones accepting a plaque with the face of Bill Hicks at a ceremony hosted by Kevin Booth. Look at his face. Once again, Bill is 'outed'. I mean look at that motherfucker. That's Bill Hicks. But the thing I want to convey here, is that this footage used to be all over youtube. There were at least ten different videos featuring just this ceremony. And now... ALL of them are gone. I don't even know how I found this particular clip, because it's buried in the middle of an absolutely unwatchable production with possibly the worst voice-over narration in the history of youtube and all forms of media. The relevant portion starts at 3:40, and again, volume down to preserve your nervous system: (and one more time, I'm only posting this to prove that this video exists, as it used to be ALL OVER the internet, and now it's NOWHERE TO BE FOUND accept here, buried in this totally unwatchable pile of shit video, and here it is):

I hate to say it but that above video has a lot of other interesting bits. I had totally forgotten about the limp/cane thing. They "both" have the same limp. I just wish the guy talking sounded less like he's moving an oversized wad of chewing tobacco around in his fat lips with a bloated cow-like tongue while raping a pigeon.

Okay, I could keep going all night, but the problem is that it's morning. 
If you made it this far, good night/morning to you. <3
Big Sad Nana
I tried to write it all in my best Holden Caufield voice, but with extra sauce. I hope it's obvious that this is all tongue in cheek. I'm predicating that hope on the absurdity of the idea that there is a year-long course in an art school where students study the mannerisms of Bill Hicks.

But this all gave me a wonderful idea for a screenplay...

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