Mainstream media's vicious attack against Alex Jones demonstrates their treachery
The absolutely hysterical nonsense big name fake news media is peddling about Alex Jones in all their articles about the recent banning of InfoWars by social media platforms etc. just goes to show how ABSOLUTELY FULL OF SHIT THEY ARE about EVERYTHING ELSE THEY WRITE!

Oh my God.


To those of us who have followed Alex Jones' material for YEARS, and know the truth...

This display by the MSM is fucking stunning and it's the final nail in their coffin in my opinion.

Very damning.

And they wouldn't be doing this if they weren't scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel to maintain any sliver of the former power they once had.

It's sad. It's disgraceful. It's the MSM. And it's dead.
This is where the term "Sheeple" comes from.

I know people who have like three degrees and make 7 figures, and they nevertheless think Alex supports the KKK because CNN aired some footage of him at a clan rally. Meanwhile, people with half a brain can go watch the source video (well not anymore since all the videos have now been deleted--isn't that convenient) and see that Alex is actually harassing the KKK, calling them idiots and morons and so forth, and through a megaphone no less. So CNN took this footage and edited it to distort reality, to make it look like he's supporting the KKK. THAT is fake fucking news. THOSE motherfuckers are the fucking frauds.

This shit makes me sick.

I wish I could feed off your sentiment that the MSM is dead, but sadly there are too many people sucking at that teet for dear life; they need it for their very identity. How toxic is that? We aren't the norm, Trix. I'm not saying we're interesting or wonderful, but for god's sake, how can people not see the puppet strings?

And it's not just Alex that this is happening to, but Alex is the proof that it IS happening.

It's all so manipulative and insidious.

And you'd think it would be transparent by now. But people are eating it up. All the liberals are happy that the bad man is going away. "He's hurting our country". I mean... my god.

Or maybe it's all by design. I'm never quite sure.

(head bashing emoji)
And here's the thing: WHY was the MSM trying to make people think Alex is with the KKK? Isn't the MSM anti KKK?

My point is, they KNEW what they were doing when they edited that video. They knew they were creating a false narrative.

That means they KNOW Alex was harassing the KKK. That means they KNOW he's anti-KKK.

So doesn't that mean that Alex and MSM are playing for the same team?

The answer is pretty fucking obvious. He's hitting too close to home on stuff they don't WANT him hitting too close to home on. SO they're banking on the whole "sheeple" thing, they're just going to ram this narrative up our asses for the next several weeks. I'm sure we'll hear from the whole sordid cast of phony bitches like Colbert and Mahr and etc., etc.

Fucking ridiculous.
Now Twitter is deleting some of his tweets under pressure from, guess who? Fucking CNN.

Are you shitting me right now?

This has to be disconcerting to a huge body of people. Namely anyone who has a free-form podcast or vlog on youtube, such as Joe Rogan.
IT's all about distraction.
Alls i know is luxurytaco has a cool picture now
Oh yeah

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