The Lawnmower Man (1992)

Dude this movie is woke as fuck. Totally cheeseball, but definitely amazing.

5:44 wow that chick is a BITCH!!! LMAO!!! Can't you see the guy needs to get laid!?

6:12 OMG a wifebeater!!! Somebody call the police!!!?

The opening title font doesn't take the movie seriously enough... I wonder if they have the original footage without that shit on it?

7:28 Pierce isn't a bad actor.

8:35 I thought he was gonna say "You could use the restroom"... ROFLMAO.

8:54 oh come ON, that truck is RIDICULOUS. That SOUND. See this is the kinda shit that makes it cheesy.

9:40 oh man, I can tell I totally hate this lawnmower guy character. Like right off the bat. It's TERRIBLE.

I get it, I kinda know the plot, I know they're just showing how fucked up he was before and all that shit, but they just need to make him look hot.

11:15 why is this old guy Irish??? He sounds Irish right??

11:45 I should be way more attracted to that guy than I am.

12:27 I honestly can't stand the VR shit, it's so stagnant and such a cheat of real life. Here are some past threads on my thoughts about virtual reality:



17:27 dude this guy is such an abusive prick, he needs to get dealt with!!!

19:39 this movie is pretty warped, I have a feeling all these people are gonna get it!!!

19:58 she's leaving, thank God, now everybody can have fun!!!

21:36 LMAO.

Kinda starting to feel like maybe I need to watch this in at least 1.25 speed. I'm just not into all this soft shit.

24:30 all this gameworld VR crap really bores me.

29:56 OMG is he about to get lucky?!


36:52 yuuup, he's hot as fuck.

40:54 who da fuck is this guy??

42:40 shiiit, this chick needs some different underwear (how about no underwear) but other than that, fuuuck!!!

45:00 I love how this dude just instantly became a father figure for this fuckin' kid, that's pretty awesome.

45:17 wow, now he's becoming psychic, holy shit. 46:11 this dude is smokin' hot, for sure. Me so horny.

48:10 all he's doing now is having sex all the time, WTF. 

50:05 this literally knocked me back. I am so. Fucking. Lit right now. This fucking movie.

51:46 well this looks regrettable as fuck.

52:56 what the fuck dude.

53:52 aaand, there's the regrettable part. 

Dude did he literally just kill that chick?? OMG he drove her nuts. Oh shiiit. ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND.

55:30 whatever, she's way hotter now than she used to be.

57:12 holy shit what the fuck is this guy, Magneto now or something!?

Dude off topic, but this guy is way hotter than Michael Fassbender as Magneto.

He looks like somebody I used to know. Minus the... hair.

I think the idea of a human fused with ultimate intelligence is pretty damn fucking sexy.

1:00:00 he mad. I'd be mad too. Unfuckinbelievable.

1:00:35 ooo, he kinda got touche'd there though, not gonna lie.

1:01:28 oh, FUCK YEAH. The "Driving to Retrowave" scene. Daaaamn this is fucking hottttt.

OMG I'm so fucking turnt right now.

Legit not sure what is happening though.

1:02:47 LMAO "I had to talk for hours" LOL.

Wow they just dropped hardcore truth about the banking thingy, LOL, maybe that's why this movie was "underrated".

1:04:00 oh shit this is turning ugly.

1:04:45 what is this guy DOING?!?

This movie is blowing my fucking mind right now, I can't even lie.

1:07:17 oh shit, oh fuck. Retribution comes. Oh my God. LOLOL.

That was a total "SCANNERS" moment.

This fucking guy is my hero.

1:09:08 oh my God now this is some "THE FURY" shit right here.

1:10:09 - 1:10:35 ooo, SHIT. That shit that just happened there was FUCKIN' DEEP.

That is probably one of the most epic scenes from any movie ever.

1:10:52 oh shit dude I CANNOT WAIT for THIS motherfucker to get it.

1:11:40 totally Scanners. But it's a great way to deal with people sometimes.

1:12:20 oh. My God. He whipped out the fucking LAWNMOWER on this guy. BWAHAHAHA. 


1:15:27 - 1:15:54 DAAAMMMNNN. LOL this movie is juicy.

1:18:48 oh my damn...


1:20:02 bam. Shit is woke, woke woke woke woke woke woke woke.

Holy shit and it just gets EVEN MORE INTENSE.

1:21:20 event horizon kinda next level shit right there.

1:22:20 "I'm sorry you hate what you have created."

1:25:00 LMFAO the police. 

1:25:59 this geek dude is pretty hot, I love the nerds.

1:27:20 dude this is intense. Oh my God THE FORCEFIELD AROUND THE TRUCK.


1:28:58 oh hell yeah, that's doing it right. This Jobe guy is the shit.

He's literally going around ATOMICALLY DISSOLVING PEOPLE.

So fucking turnt right now.

Out of my mind in ecstasy over this movie.

1:31:32 would you just look at the adorable smile on his face though, LMAO, this is great.

1:31:47 when all else fails, just fucking shoot it!!!

1:32:20 get in there baby, get in there.

1:32:35 but what about the phones bro, you promised?!!!

What the fuck just happened??

1:34:35 see that's the problem with virtual reality.

Dude I'm still rooting for this Jobe mofo, I'm not even gonna deny it.

1:37:25 oh wow I didn't expect that!!!

1:38:10 it shouldn't end like this for Jobe it's not fair.


So effin' hot. What a bitchin' movie. That ending.
Absolutely one of my favorite movies. I've used it as an analogy to many things over the years. Great to read your expert commentary on it. ;)
it would be cool if you made those cute little chimp noises when we snuggled, darling

and it seems like it would be a lot easier to go around killing with one of those VR laser helmets on
this was a great movie , my only letdown was pierce didn't get to have 3 wives - i thought maybe the laughing girl job was screwing and the abusive mans wife could join his family and live in a polyamorous sexual wonderland !

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