Cannibalism: A really uncomfortable thought just occurred to me...
What if cannibalistic desires are on the uptick in the human consciousness due to media etc. because there's PEOPLE MEAT in the food and people are craving other people like they crave MSG laden foods and HFCS poisoned beverages?

Is soylent green really PEOPLE?
My BF thinks it's probably the Mafia/Mob that gets rid of bodies by throwing them into grinder machines and then they get turned into food.

I don't know, it makes me want to start a vegetable garden and get chickens and cows and just live off the land.
I wonder if human flesh alone could be past off as beef ?
Ground mabye
Without looking anything up I would figure human would be alot like deer (for some reason) I've eaten a hell of a lot of ground venison and if cooked and seasoned right it can be mistook as beef.
As for the mafia I dout they would be grinding people up for human consumption. They would have to have a 24/7 butcher on hand to separate the meat from bone and cartilage.
I'd think they probably use a dog food company or somewhere where they use biproducts/ scraps.
Not sure... I have a cow butchered every year and split it with a friend.
Don't really ever eat out, 
So I'd think my chances of consuming humans are slim

A little off the subject I have been trying to figure out this thing with"Meat" or "Meat sleep" videos .I won't post any on here but I can't figure out if it is/ was a prank,game,art or real lol it's got me stumped
But doesn't eating human flesh give you like that kuru disease? It makes the proteins build up prion disorder? Puts holes in your brain makes it like a sponge?
Scary shit.
Maybe Kuru explains the cognitive issues that are getting out of hand in society...

WE ALL HAVE KURU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHIT Trix SHIIITTT LMAO it just gets worse lol

Wow and I thought that cities recycling sewage back into drinking water was bad...

Liberals and their disgusting pursuit for "sustainability"

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