Thongs do mitigate buttcrack sweat...
I guess that’s useful.

I still wouldn’t want to wear them though.

I own thongs.

I never wear thongs.

I’m just not into it.

It’s all so nasty.

Underwear in general...

I mean, what’s it for??

There’s gotta be a better way.
The size XXXL thong prank...

Hide one in your married buddy’s car.
Don’t forget to smear mayo on it first.
But what about when period? You need to wear something right? Granny panties?
Yeah it’s true, that’s the only time I wear underwear.

Unless I’m wearing jeans, which almost never happens.

You can’t go commando in jeans.
(09-15-2018, 01:53 PM)Trix Wrote: Yeah it’s true, that’s the only time I wear underwear.

Unless I’m wearing jeans, which almost never happens.

You can’t go commando in jeans.

But what about them new things menstural cups? You wouldn't need panties with them cos it clogs it up then you sort it out in the toilet?

But even tampons right? Maybe not need underwear?

I don't know im a guy I just remember exes who didn't wear underwear, they always did during that.

You may be able to wear jeans if you sew in like a pad like on underwear in the crotch region?

I must wear boxers or sometimes I sit on my balls and it hurts.
I don’t know dude, but kudos to you for having this conversation with me.

And I want to say God bless your exes who didn’t wear underwear...

I guess I always thought you would be a boy shorts type....and I have no idea why
Ah God...

I can’t believe I posted this banal dogshit.

Hahaha LMAO rofl hahahaha
Corn starch based baby powder is good for all manner of swampy situations, you know, down there.
I don't put stuff intended for food on my body...

It triggers my cannibalism fetish.
I wonder what baby powder would taste like baked into a cake. hmmm
Alright alright I admit it, I've used cornstarch in my hair before like dry shampoo.

It works. Of course it's best if your hair is light colored.

I just wanted to make a cannibalism joke.
And my guess is it would taste pretty fucking good.

I'm recommending some pineapple bits baked into it...

Flavors will complement.
I think your compulsion to cannibalism is really a manifestation of your unconscious desire to have a big, fat schlong in your mouth.
Why is it in MY mouth?

I'm supposed to be cannibalized.
You're tho thilly!

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