Kanye West's Closing Monologue on SNL with MAGA Hat
Apparently SNL has now deleted this, so thank god some people just flat-out filmed their tv screens to capture it. Also his comments from his interview in The Fader about Alex Jones and Trump were deleted by the editor. Luckily SPIN Magazine reported on it and it got spread around so we all know about it. Kanye called Trump and Jones "Matrix Breakers". 

Anyway, I don't know about you guys, but toward the end of this video I started getting goosebumps. This man went into the lion's den heart of the left, SNL, and went into full truth mode. 

Thank you for posting this sir...

Slow Clap

Good times...

Things are about to fucking change.

"MAGA" is about to get made fucking cool ;)

History in the making right here, babes.

0:55 damn good, powerful shit.

1:45 good guitar too.

5:14 great points.
Literally every left-published article on the monologue is saying he got booed, and I didn't hear one single fucking boo. It's just like Alex says, they're inverting everything. They all claim Trump lies about people showing up at his rallies, and he's packing stadiums, meanwhile hillary can't fill the seats in a middle-school gymnasium. Here Kanye is getting cheers, reluctantly at first, but that's because people are scared to speak their heart when faced with potential media shaming, but Kanye took that blow for them, stood up there and absorbed that shit, and people started cheering. So fuck the left media. God damn, how can people just be sleep walking through that shit, man? What in the FUCK, exactly? Brainwashing? Is it that simple?

This isn't about the SNL appearance but I think it's pertinent since there's a lot of buzz about Kanye at this time. Anthony Brian Logan is an excellent current events commentator.

"We see how deranged and crazy liberals are. They'll be so far into their ideology, they'll miss things that will even help themselves".

"CNN Panel Race-Shames Kanye West For Meeting With Donald Trump"

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